Tang started whimpering and laid down next to her. Zach Hearn believed that his family was complete, but his two dogs, Tang and Cream, knew much better. Cream was the first to alert Zach to the fact that his family was incomplete.

The puppies were out for a walk earlier this month when they came across a small animal that was yelping for assistance, and they ran over to provide assistance to it.

According to Hearn’s report to The Dodo, Tang and Cream abruptly stopped moving and appeared perplexed. Both of them ran over to see what was going on when they heard a meow coming from a short distance away.

Hearn was unable to determine the source of the noise; however, both dogs were successful in locating a young kitten that was lying in the middle of the road. The kitten was approximately three to four weeks old.

The kitten was filthy and underweight, and its mother was nowhere to be seen. Hearn was worried that his golden retriever and King Charles cavalier could go after the kitty, but the puppies had the situation well under control.

Hearn was taken aback when he noticed that both dogs were attempting to calm the frightened calico kitten. According to what Hearn claimed, “Tang began crying and then laid down next to her.” Cream started licking her and grooming her after that.

Hearn realized he couldn’t just abandon the kitten on the side of the road, so he picked her up and carried her home. Once there, he and his girlfriend provided the kitten with a warm and cozy place to sleep, as well as access to the bathroom and some food. They also made sure she had enough to eat. It was obvious that the cat had been by herself for a considerable amount of time; nonetheless, the kitten soon regained her strength.

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