A dog by the name of Blu was seen hanging out at the safe haven on a daily basis. Due to the fact that she is deaf, nobody wanted to deal with her. It was quite upsetting. Even though they are aware that the chances are stacked against them, there are still some lovely people who seek for dogs like Blu. Mark and his boyfriend Sean are two examples of this. They learned about Blu from her former owner, who related that she had lived with the family for a period of six years until the family was forced to give her up.

When the couple arrived to Family Dog Rescue in San Francisco, they were informed that Blu had in fact not had a single visitor before their arrival. This information came as a surprise to the pair. What a poor dog! Mark and Sean were brought to an area so that Blu might be satisfied.

It was obvious to everyone in the room that Blu was “vibrant and vivacious” as soon as she stepped in. If they choose to take Blu in, she would be the fourth deaf dog that they’ve kept in their household. It was evident that the pair has both patience and a large heart. After they had met Blu, they immediately realized that she belonged with them.

It must have been quite difficult for her to part with her family. They added that while they loved Blu very much, they had no choice but to sell their house and move into a rental property that did not accept Pit Bulls. Do you have any idea how challenging the situation must have been for Blu and the rest of her biological family?

It was time to put everything in order at this point! Blu moved from being one of the residents who had been there the longest to being a much-loved family pet at the home of Mark and Sean. Despite this, Blu was nonetheless hurt as a result of the accident.

Blu recalled everything very well, even the fact that she was given up by a family whose affections she had. Blu wasn’t so sure, despite the fact that Mark and Sean would never ever bring her back to the refuge under any circumstances. This is a tale that requires a great deal of time and a lot of love to tell. Check out the touching video that can be found below to show how much Blu has grown with both of her new dads. We cannot express how happy we are that this puppy was able to find her forever home!

By Elen

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