After Ashton Kutcher was January Jones’ boyfriend for a few years in the ’90s, the former pair was credited with developing the classic prom stance when they appeared together on the red carpet. January Jones was wearing a white dress with a black sash. Since then, January Jones’s past relationships have included both comedic actors and wealthy oil heirs.

When Jones was first shown to the public, she did so in the capacity of a model. She immediately established herself in the Hollywood acting industry and won one of her most memorable parts as Betty Draper in the television show “Mad Men,” which demonstrated that she was a lady skilled in more than one field.

Even while the “Mad Men” actress has been associated to a number of reality TV heartthrobs, action stars, and artists throughout the course of her career, she has remained tight-lipped about the specifics of her personal life, including the fact that she has never revealed who the father of her kid is.

January Jones was accused of cheating on Ashton Kutcher by the actor Ashton Kutcher. When Bruce Willis Kutcher first went to Los Angeles in 1998, he was a young guy with brown eyes and a baby-faced appearance. He drew the attention of the producers of “That ’70s Show,” who cast him in the part of Michael Kelso on the show.

While he was having success in his business, he developed feelings for a model named Jones who was from South Dakota. It is unknown how the exes first became acquainted, but given that they are both relatively new to the profession, it is likely that they moved in the same social circles.

Around the year 2000, they decided to take their relationship to the next level by moving in together. When Jones and Kutcher were dating, there was no such thing as Instagram; instead, the trendy thing for couples to do in the early 2000s was to make red-carpet appearances.

The public believed that Jones and Kutcher were solely responsible for popularizing the prom stance because of their public appearances together. The couple dated for a number of years until the news of their breakup became public in the year 2001.

Even though it has been over twenty years since Jones and Kutcher ended their relationship, the reason for their split is still a mystery, despite the fact that there has been a lot of dramatic conjecture about it.

Jones spoke out about her first relationship in Los Angeles, who she did not identify, during an interview with GQ in 2009. The boyfriend was not supportive of Jones’s acting career at the time it was just beginning. In her words:

“When I initially moved to Los Angeles, I was seeing a man who did not encourage or support my acting career. He has nothing but kind words to offer at this point. If anything, I need to thank him because the moment you tell me I can’t do something is the moment when I’m most inspired to achieve the thing you told me I couldn’t do.”

The GQ writer that Jones had talked to thought that the anonymous guy Jones spoke of was Kutcher, and years later, Jones finally commented on the subject of the rumor.

In 2016, when Jones was a guest on the show “Watch What Happens Live” on Bravo, a viewer called in and asked her if she had anything to say to her famous ex-boyfriend.

Jones, who did not want to provide a great deal of further information, attempted to clear the air by stating that she had never named Kutcher or anybody else by name. Jones didn’t back down when the show’s co-host urged her for further information; instead, she just grinned and maintained her stance.

In 2019, Kutcher’s ex-wife Demi Moore published her biography titled “Inside Out: A Memoir,” in which she said that Kutcher had accused Jones of being unfaithful to him with her co-star. This revelation caused the speculation surrounding the separation of Jones and Kutcher to go even more.

In the comedy film “Bandits,” which was released in 2001, Jones co-starred with Bruce Willis, who was Moore’s second ex-husband. During this period, the two actors were quite close to one another; in fact, their closeness led Kutcher to believe that his co-stars were carrying on an affair while they were filming their movie.

Moore claims in her book that she was seated next to Jones at an event and approached the “Mad Men” actress about Kutcher’s allegations, to which Jones supposedly responded by categorically denying the allegations. Moore’s book contains her recollections of what Jones had said.

“Are you serious? I must have repeated myself a hundred times when I informed him (Kutcher) that I did not want that old guy (Willis)!”

2002 marked the beginning of Jones and Carrey’s romance. Jones is sixteen years older than the actor from “Dumb and Dumber,” and the two of them dated for a few months before breaking up because it was believed that Jones had cheated on their relationship.

Reports indicate that Jones was also romantically involved with Brandon Davis, an oil heir from California who is well-known for socializing with the most prominent figures in the entertainment industry.

Following his short involvement with Jones, Jim Carrey began dating Danish model Anine Binge, who he dated for a period of one year. He also dated a number of actresses, including Ginger Gonzaga and Jenny McCarthy, around this time.

In the early 2000s, Jones began a new romantic relationship with the Grammy Award–winning artist Josh Groban. Nevertheless, in 2006, the couple realized that their relationship was in jeopardy and made the decision to take a sabbatical.

At around the same time, one of Groban’s reps said that the two artists intended to maintain their friendship. Jones Jones was seen out on the town in Las Vegas with Lukas Haas and a few other buddies. He seemed to be having a good time. In 2016, the singer best known for the song “You Raise Me Up” reminisced on his relationship with Jones and stated the following:

“We were together for nearly three years and a half, during which time we were over over heels in love. It was without a doubt the partnership that lasted the longest.”

It is said that Sudeikis and Jones first conversed with one another in November 2010, when Jones was a guest host on “Saturday Night Live” and Sudeikis was already a cast member on the program. They worked together on a number of skits, including one that was based on the age-old fart joke.

After being seen allegedly “making out all night” at an ESPYS after party in July 2010, they were the subject of dating rumors shortly afterwards. They became good friends while working together on the set of one of Sudeikis’ movies, which also contributed to their bond.

During the same year, Jason Sudeikis had an appearance on the show “Lopez Tonight.” When Sudeikis was questioned by Lopez whether he had seen Jones nude, the actor originally said that he did not want to tell, but then he joked, “I’ve seen her naked.” “I’m joking. I do want to get into it! I am, and I always have been.”

When Jones clarified the situation of whether or not Sudeikis had spotted her in her birthday suit at the 2010 Emmy Awards, the duo was attending the ceremony together as their respective dates. In her words:

“After hearing those things, he has no reason to ever see me in that state again,” she said.

Before the physical separation was the last straw in their relationship, the exes dated on and off for a few months. The information was verified by a source, who said that Sudeikis was filming “Saturday Night Live” in New York while Jones was working on “Mad Men” in Los Angeles.

Since 2008, while Forte was still a cast member on “Saturday Night Live,” Jones and Forte had been acquainted with one another. They were reintroduced to one another when they were given roles in the film “The Last Man on Earth.”

It wasn’t until 2015, four years after Jones had given birth to her son Xander, that their connection came to the attention of the public. She did not reveal the identity of the father of her son, even though it was widely assumed to be Sudeikis since he was the subject of her most recent publicly known connection.

During an appearance on the red carpet, a reporter asked Jones how it felt to perform beside the man who was thought to be her boyfriend. The actress responded as follows:

“It’s a lot of fun. We make each other laugh so much, and as a result, we always have a great time together.”

But the good times only lasted for five months when Jones and Forte made the decision to end their relationship in September of 2015. Both of them went to the 67th Primetime Emmy Awards on September 20, but they managed to avoid running into one other.

Nick Viall, star of “The Bachelor,” and January Jones went on a few dates together.
Jones said that she let out a high-pitched shriek when Viall messaged her on Instagram, asking if he could take her out for coffee after the public airing of her sentiments towards him.

Jones was pleasantly pleased to find out that there was “something more there” when they met for their date with the reality dating show star who had a reputation for being a bad boy on “The Bachelor.”

Viall earned a place in Jones’s good graces when her sister pushed her to go on a date with him; however, since their relationship was so fleeting, the only information they discussed was juicy “The Bachelor” tidbits. Viall said:

“I went out with January Jones for a little while. We’ve maintained our friendship, and there’s no denying our cool factor.”

Over the course of her career, January Jones has been linked romantically to a number of well-known figures, including Jeremy Piven and Bobby Flay, according to various reports.

And just like her on-screen romance with her co-star on “Mad Men” was completely fictitious, Adrien Brody shared that the same applied to him and his co-star on “Splice” when he said that he and Jones were just friends despite reports that claimed otherwise. Jones starred alongside Adrien Brody in both “Splice” and “Mad Men.”

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