But the same thing can only happen when you see a brilliant and well-known dancing couple light up the entire ballroom: boogie woogie, lindy hop, and Solo swing are all excellent and effective ways to get your pulse rate up for:

One of these incredible and well-known dance teams is the fantastic dance duet comprised of Tanya and Sondre. This team is able to swing around the pulse without experiencing any stress. The stage is being taken over by the brilliant dancers who discovered each other on YouTube.

The fact that Sondre and Tanya have the well-known and coveted silver play button on YouTube helps to set the scene for the spectacular and one-of-a-kind boogie-woogie dance performances that they perform across the stage.

The duo won first place in the World Masters competition held in Frauenfeld, Switzerland, thanks in large part to one of these jaw-droppingly rapid floating dances. The dancing sequence that Sondre and Tanya performed demonstrates that the two of them have a great deal of expertise.

With their high-speed performance, the two dancers immediately won over the whole audience at the competition as they moved fast and swung to the music, generating a whirlwind of twirls, dips, and kicks.

Sondre and Tanya’s dexterous footwork was more than enough to propel them to victory in the World Master competition. The number of individuals who are interested in seeing it increases as more and more people have a look at their wonderful film of a dance routine that was inspired by boogie-woogie.

The amount of energy that was left in the dance hall after they finished their set was sufficient to run a city. Their boogie-woogie schedule is an incredible and spectacular sight. Both Sondre and Tanya are always working to improve their footwork in order to become the finest swing dancers while they are dancing together.

Watch the videos below…

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