Drew Barrymore is really ecstatic with an incredible example of how life imitates art.

In the episode that aired on Friday of The Drew Barrymore Show, the TV host discussed an article that brought back memories of a movie from almost two decades ago in which she had a starring role. That movie was the romantic comedy 50 First Dates, which was released in 2004.

Barrymore, who is 47 years old, remarked that there is “a miracle story” while relating the Real-Life Love story of Andrew and Kristy Mackenzie on her show during the segment devoted to news.

At the beginning of this month, the couple was highlighted for the very first time through unusual romantic stories.

In June, the Mackenzies were engaged in a motorcycle accident on Father’s Day that was quite dangerous and resulted in both of them being sent to the emergency room.

Because of the injuries, he incurred in the collision, Andrew, now 58 years old, awoke in a hospital bed thinking it was 1993. His memory loss was a direct result of the accident.

“He knew me, but I could see him looking through me,” Kristy, who is 54 years old and has been married to her husband for 37 years, said about her husband. “I can honestly say that day was the most terrifying of my entire life. After seeing him look right through me in that way, I was completely at a loss as to how I could win him back.”

There was a lot of doubt among the medical staff as to whether or not Andrew would ever remember the previous 29 years that they had spent together. Not only did Andrew get better, but he and Kristy also started falling in love with one another all over again. And on August 29, the couple recommitted themselves to one another in the presence of their children and grandkids in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

In front of her audience, Barrymore shared the following statement: “Of course, when I saw this, I went straight to a 50 First Dates place and said we have to talk about this.” “I am not imagining this.”

“Now, the part of this story that I like best is when Kristy demanded that they remain in the same recovery room together. She told the nurses, “If you let us be together, he will get better,” and he did,” Barrymore continued in the segment, before exclaiming: “It’s like real-life 50 First Dates!”

Gayle King, who co-hosted the show with Drew Barrymore for the entire hour that it aired, was similarly moved by the narrative.

She stated, “All you can say about it is people say love conquers all, love wins.” “All you can say about that.” “That is unquestionably a fantastic, fantastic, fantastic story.”

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