Lin-Manuel Miranda has received a great deal of praise for his contributions to the productions of Hamilton, In the Heights, and Encanto. In addition, he already holds three Tony Awards, three Grammy Awards, and an Emmy, thus he is only one letter away from achieving the EGOT classification. However, we are interested in learning more about Lin-Manuel Miranda’s wife, Vanessa Nadal. Who is she? Continue reading to learn further information about the couple’s connection.

It’s not just Miranda who has a long list of achievements to his name; other people may say the same thing. According to the bio that can be found on the website of Fordham University, Nadal is a chemical engineer by training in addition to being an attorney and an adjunct professor of law at Fordham.

She attended MIT to receive a degree in chemical engineering, and then went on to work at Johnson & Johnson Consumer Goods Company, where she was responsible for developing cutting-edge technology for cosmetic and skincare products. After that, she decided to study law because she wanted to be able to make a difference in the world. After graduating from Fordham Law, Nadal began his legal career as a litigation associate at a law firm. He also began working for the Climate Science Legal Defense Fund as a consultant during this time.

Nadal took advantage of her many talents to establish a career that is unlike any other and incredibly interesting. She instructs students at Fordham University about the history of cosmetics laws and delves into topics such as misbranding and how to select the safest products for one’s skin. Other topics she covers include: In addition, it has been reported by InStyle that she is a contributor to a textbook on fashion law that is being written by the Fashion Institute at Fordham’s Law School. The only thing we need to ask is, “Where do we sign up?”

According to Miranda, he had the biggest crush on Nadal ever since high school, but he just couldn’t work up the nerve to approach her. This makes it sound like these two took a page out of a classic romantic comedy because it sounds like they did this. He was quoted as saying to The New York Times, “She was gorgeous and I’m notoriously bad at talking to women I find attractive… I have a complete lack of game.”

He was fortunate that a few years later when he found her on Facebook, he was able to finally make his move by inviting her to attend a hip-hop improv show. However, according to Nadal, they hardly had any opportunity to communicate with one another. After successfully persuading a friend to assist him in obtaining Nadal’s number, Miranda contacted her once more and extended an invitation to attend another show. When she watched Miranda perform this time, she had the realization that he was someone truly unique. In an interview with the New York Times, she stated, “When he got on stage, I thought, I really like this guy… He is extremely, extremely bright.

Sparks had already begun to fly between the two by the time Miranda’s concert had come to a close. Miranda recalled that as they stood and talked, they bonded over their shared love of the video game Grand Theft Auto. “I invited him over and said, “All right, you’re going to come across to my place tonight, and we’re going to play Grand Theft Auto, and we’re going to watch the Jay-Z movie, and we’re going to listen to Marc Anthony…” in a very calm and collected manner. After that, we proceeded to hand over the keys to our respective residences to one another as fast as possible.”

Vanessa Nadal, who is married to Lin-Manuel Miranda, is a prominent figure in the fashion and beauty industries.

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