Harmonicas have been used as an instrument in music ever since the 1960s. Both Bob Dylan and Guy Forsyth have made names for themselves as accomplished musicians thanks to their skill with the free wind instrument. Now, two brothers are giving the ancient device a fresh lease of life by using a novel approach.

Teenagers Brody and Alex hailing from Topanga, California, both started playing instruments when they were only five years old and have been doing so ever since. Their band is known as Brother’s Gage, and they play a variety of genres of music. They consider themselves to be “married to their profession” and have been on a number of talent programs in their hometown.

The two outstanding young men participated on America’s Got Talent, where they played a unique, vibrant harmonica piece for the panel of judges, all of whom were well-known celebrities. Howie Mandel seemed to have some reservations about playing the instrument since he was aware that most of its players were elderly males.

It didn’t take long for Howie and the other three celebs to get captivated by Brothers Gage’s performance. Anyone who saw their infectious enthusiasm and apparent musical talent would feel compelled to jump up and dance. Who could have predicted that when the harmonica was played, the judges would jump up and start dancing?

By Elen

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