Chris Hemsworth has stated that the producers of Marvel Studios “stepped in” to halt production of his new program, “Limitless,” in order to ensure that the actor would not aggravate his injury any further before filming “Thor: Love and Thunder.”

In the new series “Limitless with Chris Hemsworth,” which will make its debut on Disney+ on Wednesday, the star of “Thor” will participate in a number of different physical challenges in order to test his limitations and increase his longevity.

Hemsworth explained to the presenter of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” on Monday’s program that the filming for a particular task was delayed due to the fact that he injured his ankle when he was training for it. During the task, Hemsworth was required to climb back up to the top of a vast valley using a rope after being lowered from a height of one hundred feet using a cable car.

Hemsworth remarked that it was a fairly intense experience. “It was a combination of factors, such as the difficulty of the height, as well as just attempting to muscle my way up the rope,” she explained.

According to Hemsworth, he had the idea to participate in the challenge in the beginning since he was told he needed to be “as light and slim as possible” before filming “Thor: Love and Thunder.”

I responded by saying, “Great, we’ll do it before I shoot Thor.” Hemsworth carried on from there. “Anyway, I started training, and I sprained my foot quite badly, so Marvel said, “No.” You may put on the performance that could perhaps kill him when we finish our movie.'”

After putting on weight for the role of Thor, Hemsworth noted that the competition was far more difficult.

“It’s about time I actually started shooting, I was at the end of ‘Thor,’ and I was Thor size, and my trainer looked at me and said, ‘You’re screwed.’ You see, I had to lose a lot of weight for that movie. You’re going to find that this is the most difficult thing you’ve ever attempted,’ “the Marvel actor was quoted as saying. “[The difficulty] would not even be about strength; rather, it would become a matter of the desire to fist battle in order to attempt and go up the thing.”

Earlier this year, Hemsworth commented that the intense physical preparation required for the most recent “Thor” film took its toll on him.

During the making of the Marvel documentary “Assembled,” Chris Hemsworth remarked that the experience “was really taxing.” “I don’t know why things started to hurt more, maybe it’s because I’m getting older,” the man said.

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