Fans of The Princess Diaries are in for a treat today, as Disney has confirmed that they will be producing the third film in the franchise, and development on it has already begun in its preliminary phases. Even though the cast has not been officially announced just yet, the only thing that’s been going through our heads is whether or not Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews are going to be in the upcoming movie.

Instead of acting as a fresh start for the well-liked movie franchise, The Hollywood Reporter has revealed in an exclusive report that the third chapter would continue the tale of the previous films in the series. (Are you serious? We get to witness Mia Thermopolis in the present day.

The screenplay will be written by Aadrita Mukerji, and Debra Martin Chase, who was the producer of the original two Princess Diaries movies, will also be producing the upcoming picture.

The novel Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot serves as the basis for the film adaptation of the same name. The story follows a timid young woman named Mia (Hathaway) as she learns that she is the rightful heir to the throne of a small European nation called Genovia. She endeavors to fulfill her destiny of becoming a princess with the assistance of her grandmother, Queen Clarisse Renaldi (Andrews).

Now, the most important question is whether or not Hathaway wants to be a part of the forthcoming installment. She has shown an interest in working on another feature in the film series, despite the fact that she has not officially committed to the project just yet. The alumni of “The Devil Wears Prada” made an appearance on “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen” in 2019 and discussed their thoughts on the speculation around the film’s follow-up.

During the course of the conversation, she casually mentioned that there was a script in the works by saying, “There is a script for the third movie.” She went on to say that she would be interested in participating in a third movie by revealing, “I want to do it.” Julie [Andrews] is interested in participating in it. Our producer, Debra Martin Chase, is interested in participating. We all have a strong desire for it to take place.

Despite the fact that Andrews responded positively at the time, she recently sat down with The Hollywood Reporter in June and discussed the reasons why she does not anticipate participating in the production of a third film.

“I believe that it is too late to do it at this point. Many, many years ago, there was discussion regarding the possibility of a sequel. But I don’t believe that ever materialized into reality. She said this while referring to the passing of director Garry Marshall. “And Garry then did leave us,” she said. It’s too late to turn back now, especially for someone like me, because we’ve come too far. It’s a beautiful idea, but I don’t think there’s much chance that it could ever come to pass.

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