Alan Jackson was honored with the Willie Nelson Lifetime Achievement Award on the night of November 9, 2022, at the 56th annual Country Music Awards (CMA), which took place in Nashville, Tennessee. During the course of accepting the prize, the famous actor reflected on the fact that he had realized the “American dream.”

Luke Bryan and Peyton Manning shared the hosting duties for the occasion. As a further token of appreciation for his monumental victory, Alan was treated to a concert featuring Jon Pardi, Dierks Bentley, Carrie Underwood, and Lainey Wilson.

The musician, who was 64 years old at the time, was asked about the honor and what it meant to him. He responded by saying that he was “still living that honky-tonk dream.” In addition, the Grammy Award winner delivered an impassioned address in which he discussed how he was motivated to relocate to Nashville, Tennessee, by watching a film about Hank Williams.

Alan had little more than “three chords and a prayer” at the time, but his mother reminded him often that he was a blessed man. The country performer spoke about how, throughout his career, he has been supported by a wonderful crew and incredible songwriters.

He reflected on how lucky he had been to have all of the aid he need up to this point in order to succeed. The musician said that he was unable to express gratitude to everyone who had played a role in his life, but he did express gratitude to his wife, Denise Jackson, describing how they first met when they were teenagers. He then continued by saying:

“She’s been there for me and helped me get through the tough moments, despite the fact that I may not always be the easiest person to love. And we’ve enjoyed some wonderful times together.”

Alan detailed how they had experienced a variety of emotions along their journey, including joyful, sad, happy, and sad periods, and concluded by saying, “we’ve survived a lot.” While the celebrity was standing among the crowd with his wife, he turned to her and told her that he wanted to thank her because she was his best friend and had been there for him throughout the years.

He also mentioned the fact that Denise had provided him with a “beautiful family.” Some of the other musicians who have been honored with this distinguished award are Charley Pride, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Loretta Lynn, and Dolly Parton, amongst many more.

When Alan made a rare display of emotion, nobody was surprised to hear him talk about his long-term partner. During the course of their marriage of ten years, the pair had been through it all, and the faith of his wife had been an important factor throughout.

Denise revealed to Today in 2007 that life was not a fairy tale even when a person had a wonderful spouse by discussing her relationship with Alan, which had been going on since 1979. The relationship had been continuing strong since 1979. The singer’s wife cautioned others against considering their significant others to be their “all-in-all” in life.

Denise further specified that the “Him” in the title of her book referred to God and not her husband. Her husband was not the subject of the book. The celebrity’s husband related a story about an event in which she was driving home when she started praying to God and telling him that she couldn’t take it anymore.

She pleaded with God, “I can’t believe you want my family to split apart,” and then she handed over the problem to him to solve. Denise had faith that God would provide for her needs, and while her circumstances did not immediately improve, she did experience what she describes as a “feeling of serenity.”

Their wife of Alan came to the realization that she had been domineering and how she had developed this attitude. When Denise was asked about her husband, she mentioned that he possessed a powerful personality and that the more successful he became in his work, the more insecure she felt.

The celebrity’s spouse’s partner began to fully immerse herself in her husband’s world, 10/4/0rld, and as a result, her aspirations merged with his. While she was explaining everything in terms of Alan and his plans, she completely forgot herself in the process.

He said that he had inherited the neuropathy as well as the neurological condition from his father.

After being apart for a period of three months, the pair got back together just as Alan’s career was going from strength to strength. His song “Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning)” on the events of September 11 helped him break into the mainstream music industry and earn him several prizes.

Alan penned the foreword to Denise’s book and made a point of mentioning how much of the information included therein was confidential. While appearing on Today, the celebrity sang a song he’d written for his wife and her book called “It’s All About Him.” After the performance, he proudly announced:

I believe that her objective was to demonstrate to others that it is possible to endure a great deal.

In addition to challenges in their marriage that caused them to become estranged from one another for a period of time, the pair struggled with a number of medical issues. During the scare with his health, Denise was there for her husband whenever he needed her.

Alan revealed to the audience of the Today show in September 2021 that he had been struggling with Charcot-Marie-Tooth illness for the previous decade. His ability to walk and perform on stage has been gradually deteriorating as a result of the degenerative nerve ailment he had.

He added that he had been hesitant about coming out in public, but that he had begun to feel deeply uncomfortable when playing on stage. Therefore, he desired the fans who came to see him be aware of what was taking place.

Alan said that he didn’t want his admirers to think he was intoxicated since he suffered from balance and mobility. He explained that he didn’t want them to assume that because of his condition. He said that he had inherited the neuropathy as well as the neurological condition from his father.

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