This week, before the highly anticipated release of Taylor Swift’s new album, the singer was spotted in public with her longtime boyfriend.

On Monday, she and Joe Alwyn were observed taking a leisurely stroll together in New York City. The singer gave the preppy trend her own unique touch by donning a black sweater with an oversized silhouette, which she layered over a mini skirt with a pink-and-blue checkered pattern and wore with Calzedonia tights. She wore her usual red lip and rosy makeup and carried a brown shoulder bag. Her makeup was rosy.

Meanwhile, the actor from Conversations with Friends maintained his cool demeanor by donning a green sweater, baggy blue pants, and black sneakers. While he was walking with Swift, he sported black-rimmed glasses and carried a notebook with him.

Swift can be seen beaming broadly and engaging in conversation with her beau in photographs that were shot of the pair while they were out walking together.

Their seldom meeting took place just a few days after Taylor Swift said that her next song “Lavender Haze” from the Midnight album will be about her relationship with actor Joe Alwyn.

Taylor Swift shared a video on Instagram in which she said, “I was watching Mad Men when I first heard the word “lavender haze,” and I decided to look it up because I thought it sounded really interesting. It was a common word used in the 1950s to simply indicate being in love, and it turns out that it was a common phrase used in the 1950s.”

She went on to explain that if you were in the lavender haze, it signified that you were in the all-encompassing love glow and that she felt was a really wonderful thing.

The artist went on to say that in today’s world, a lot of people have to cope with the scrutiny of others regarding their romantic relationships due to social media. Naturally, she and Alwyn are not an exception to the rule.

According to Swift, “Like my relationship for the past six years, we’ve had to avoid odd stories and tabloid stuff, and we just ignore it.” “And so, this song is kind of about the act of disregarding such stuff in order to safeguard the real stuff,” the singer explains at one point in the song.

Despite the fact that Swift rarely discusses her personal life with her lover, the album Lover that she released in 2019 was a dedication to him. Since 2016, the two have been in a relationship, but despite persistent whispers of an impending engagement, the couple has not commented on or addressed the speculation.

The first song to be released from Midnights, which will be available for purchase on Friday, October 21, is titled “Lavender Haze.”

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