Nick Carter is in a state of sadness after the death of his brother, Aaron Carter.

The 42-year-old member of Backstreet Boys took to social media on Sunday to express his grief after hearing the news that Aaron had passed away the previous day at the age of 34.

On Instagram, Nick shared a number of photographs from the brothers’ younger years along with a descriptive narrative that went on for quite some time.

The post started off by saying, “My heart has been shattered today.” “Despite the fact that my brother and I have had a tumultuous history together, the love that I have for him has never, ever diminished. I have never given up the dream that one day he would make the decision to improve his lifestyle and get the assistance he so sorely needs. I have always clung to the belief that he will do so.”

The message went on to say, “There are times when we want to find someone or something to place the blame on for a loss. But the reality is that substance abuse and mental disease are the true culprits in this situation. I shall miss my brother more than anybody could ever understand for the rest of my life. I adore you, Chizz., and I’m glad that you’ll soon get the opportunity to enjoy the kind of tranquility that you’ve never been able to discover on this planet. Please, God, watch over my little brother and keep him safe.”

During the years leading up to the singer’s passing, Aaron and Nick had a turbulent relationship with one another.

Back in 2019, Nick revealed that he and his sister Angel had applied for a restraining order against Aaron. Nick said in a statement that Aaron was said to have “intentions of murdering my wife and unborn kid.” Angel also said that Nick and Aaron had filed for the restraining order together.

Nick wrote at the time that he was compelled to file a restraining order against his brother Aaron. “After great deliberation, both my sister Angel and I regret that we were required to do so today,” he said. We were in a position where we had no option but to take any and all precautions we could think of to save our family and ourselves.

Nick continued to express his affection for Aaron by saying that he hoped the latter would get “the appropriate care he needs before any damage comes to himself or anybody else.”

On the same day, Aaron responded to the restraining order on Twitter by posting the following: “So it turns out that my brother has just obtained a restraining order against me. And you simply brought it to me haha.”

“Take precautions. @NickCarter there is no coming back from this, “He proceeded farther. “Since then, I haven’t had the chance to catch up with him. In addition, I have no plans to… I am shocked by the allegations that have been made against me, and I have no desire to do anybody, particularly my family, any pain.”

Aaron first gained widespread recognition with the release of his self-titled debut album in 1997. This was followed by the releases of Aaron’s Party (Come Get It) in 2000, Oh Aaron in 2001, and Another Earthquake! (2002).

His early singles were “Aaron’s Party (Come Get It),” “That’s How I Beat Shaq,” and a rendition of “I Want Candy” by The Strangeloves. All three of these songs were huge smashes. Before embarking on his first solo tour in 2000, Aaron served as an opening act for touring acts such as the Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears.

Aaron participated with Nick and his three other siblings, Bobbie Jean, Leslie, and Angel, in their brief E! reality program titled “House of Carters,” which aired in 2006. He also competed on season 9 of “Dancing with the Stars” in 2009, with partner Karina Smirnoff, and finished in fifth place.

Aaron has transitioned to rap in recent years, and in 2018, 16 years after the release of his last album, he released his fifth and final studio album titled “L.V.”

The young man had many talents, one of which was acting. He had roles in the television shows Lizzie McGuire and Sabrina the Teenage Witch, as well as roles in the movies Fat Albert, Popstar, and Supercross. He also appeared as himself in the television shows Lizzie McGuire and Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

In addition, he made his debut on Broadway in the musical Seussical the Musical in 2001, starring with JoJo, and he had an appearance in an off-Broadway production of The Fantasticks in 2011.

His passing occurred as followers all across the internet, including renowned people, rushed to social media to express their sorrow at his passing.

On Twitter, the composer Dianne Warren said that “fame at a young age is frequently more of a burden than a gift,” and that enduring it is not an easy task. Aaron Carter has passed away.

After having known Carter “for years” and developing feelings for him, One Tree Hill actor Tyler Hilton referred to the news as “heartbreaking” in a blog post he published. As part of the Pop2K Tour that took place in 2019, Hilton and Carter went on tour together. During one of their performances, Hilton performed Carter’s smash song “I Want Candy” with Carter.

On Twitter, Hilton said, “Known him for years and always really liked him, he was nice and incredibly hilarious.” “Known him for years and always really liked him,” “He had a talent for putting on a show, which he enjoyed doing in his spare time. I’ll look for more pictures of the two of us, and I’ll add more later… damn RIP budddd.”

“I am thinking about #AaronCarter’s family, friends, and fans at this difficult time. May You Ever Find Rest! “wrote Melissa Joan Hart beside a flashback photo of the two of them when they were younger and hanging out together.

“Extremely sad news about the demise of Aaron Carter. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends at this difficult time “tweeted a former cast member of Disney, Christy Carlson Romano.

On his Instagram Story, Billy Gilman uploaded a photo from the past and captioned it in part with the following: “This has slashed right through my heart. You were an actual musical talent, and I’ll never be able to say the same about myself.”

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