Dolly Parton, who is widely regarded as the undisputed queen of country music, said not long ago that she will never perform live again. According to Parton, she has spent the all of her life on the road, and as a result, she is well aware of the fatigue and time commitment that comes along with it.

Both the actress and her husband are getting older, and as a consequence, she may feel the need to move closer to her family in the event that anything unforeseen should take place.

She went on to describe her experience by saying, “I made fun of all the bizarre things that were happening to me in the hospital, and I laughed more than I had ever laughed in my life.”

The country music superstar kept convincing herself that she did not want to disappoint either her husband or her followers, but she was particularly adamant about not disappointing her husband.

Because she does not want to have to cope with the guilt of being away from her family, Dolly Parton does not want to put herself through the ordeal of having to skip a concert while she is on tour because she is needed at home. This is because Dolly Parton is on tour.

In spite of this, it is not completely out of the question that we may hear more of Parton in the years to come.

She said that while she would continue to perform at parties and celebrations, she would not agree to any commitments that needed her to be on the road for an extended amount of time.

Parton and her husband, Carl Thomas Dean, have been married for 56 years, and this year they are celebrating their anniversary.

This married pair has been together for quite some time now. Because the pair kept their connection to themselves in such a private manner, many people were under the false assumption that Dean did not exist.

The singer who is famously known for her popular song “Jolene” was aware of this fact, and she said that she and Dean often joke about the fact that the only reason their marriage has lasted for this long is because Parton was never around.

Parton has stated that Dean never desired to be in the spotlight and was aware that they would not have been able to live peacefully had the public known about their relationship. Despite the fact that Parton is famous all over the world, the singer has stated that Dean never desired to be in the spotlight.

An account claims that Parton and Dean’s first encounter took place on the same day Dolly Parton moved to Nashville. The vocalist was just 18 years old at the time, while Dean was already 21.

In the end, the two individuals encountered one another as they were standing outside of a Wishy-Washy Landramet in Music City. Not long after that encounter, the pair began dating one other and have been together ever since.

Dolly Parton shared in an interview how she has discovered that striking a balance between how much to share with the public and how little to share with the public has been beneficial to her relationships and has helped her protect those who are close to her. She said that she has found that establishing this balance has helped her keep those who are close to her safe.

A quotation from the country superstar can be found online, and it goes like this: “There is a component that belongs to both God and I.”

After spending more than half a century together, the actress from “Tomorrow is Forever” recently said that if given the opportunity, she would choose to relive her life with Dean rather than any other person.

I’m going to have to drag him into the next half-century while he’s kicking and screaming. “That would be very much appreciated,” said Parton.

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