Rod Stewart, the artist with the most records sold of all time, came dangerously close to losing one of his children in a vehicle accident. His youngster was sent to the closest hospital after suffering an injury.

It has been claimed that Rod Stewart’s eldest son, Sean Stewart, was engaged in a car accident. Rod Stewart is a British rock and pop artist.

After being involved in an automobile accident on October 24, 2022, Sean reportedly required emergency medical treatment and was brought to the hospital. The singer of “In Crowd” broke the terrible news to his followers on Instagram, writing that he “was hit by a truck at a red light” and describing the situation as “hard out here on these streets.”

The message was written by Sean and included a picture of him in which he was seated in a medical facility while wearing a face mask, a hospital gown, and a neck brace. He did not disclose any other details concerning the terrible occurrence.

Alana Stewart, who was Rod’s first wife and who he divorced, is a co-parent to their son. Sean is one of the eight children that he has produced via his relationships with a total of five different women.

Kimberley is the name of Rod and Alana’s daughter, who they had together. The divorce took place in 1984, but the couple’s wedding took place in 1979. The rock icon tied the knot twice after the first of his marriages ended in divorce.

Rachel Hunter, a New Zealand model, was Rod’s second wife, and the couple tied the knot in the year 1990. Before ending their relationship in 1999, the couple welcomed two children together, a daughter named Renee in 1992 and a son named Liam in 1994. In 2006, just prior to the completion of the divorce proceedings, Rod began dating Penny Lancaster.

In 2007, the singer and the English model celebrated their third wedding anniversary by walking down the aisle together. Since that time, the two sweethearts have been married, and their union is going strong to this day. The couple’s first child, Aiden, was born in 2011, and their second son, Alastair, came into the world in 2005.

In 1963, Rod became a parent for the first time when he and his ex-girlfriend Susannah Boffey welcomed their daughter Sarah into the world. The couple ultimately decided to end their relationship and put their daughter up for adoption before doing so. Ruby is the name of the second daughter that the hitmaker “Maggie May” shares with his ex-girlfriend Kelly Emberg. The year 1987 marked the birth of the ex-daughter. couple’s

Rod opened out on being a father during an honest interview with People magazine in November 2021. He disclosed that he approaches parenting his children in a variety of ways due to the wide age gap between them:

“Because of the wide age gap between my children, I have to play the role of several different fathers at once. You actually need to approach each one of them as a unique individual who has their own set of challenges.”

Rod used the example of his son, who is in his teens and has recently begun dating, as an illustration. He instructed him on “what he should and shouldn’t do” and said that he needed to have a conversation with him about “the birds and the bees.”

The winner of a Grammy Award made the observation that his child, who was 15 years old at the time, was already knowledgeable about such topics:

“Because my 15-year-old son is dating girls, I felt it necessary to teach him some sex skills. Even though I just told him what he should do and what he shouldn’t do, he’s already way ahead of the game. He was like, ‘Dad; I’ve got the internet. I am completely knowledgeable.”

Rod admitted that all of his older children have tried alcohol and drugs at some point in their lives, “except for Liam,” the youngest of his children, who, according to Rod, has never gone down that path.

The elated father, on the other hand, detailed how in the end they were able to pull themselves together and how successful they were as a result. Rod remarked, “Since becoming a father, I’ve realized the importance of listening and keeping my cool.”

According to Closer Weekly, the native of London once discussed the experience of raising his brood and stated that he had regrets about the amount of time he did not spend with his older children.

During an interview on “The Late Late Show” in Ireland, Rod disclosed that he spent a lot of time on the road while Sean and Kimberley were growing up. He went on to explain that he needed to earn money to pay off his debt, which is the reason for his absence:

“I spent a lot of time on the road with Sean and Kimberly. In the late 1970s, I had a tax liability to the Internal Revenue Service. Because I had to go do a lot of touring, I did not get the chance to see them.”

Rod has, thankfully, been able to make up for the time that he missed with his children by spending as much time with them as humanly feasible. In the year 2019, the record producer and his wife Lancaster were seen on a yacht in Cannes, France, with their brood. Lancaster is the record producer’s daughter.

It appeared as though Rod’s children shared a strong bond with one another. It was reported that his sons Sean and Alastair were seen having lunch together in Sherman Oaks, California, in the month of July 2021.

In November of 2021, the man who was now a father of eight children reminisced about his first marriage, which had ended in divorce to Alana. Rod got married when he was 34 years old, and despite the fact that he believed that he was ready at the time, he stated that it was not years later that he realized that it was not the right decision.

When the musician known for “Sailing” told his father that he was going to get married, his father advised him that he was “far too young” to do it. Later in life, Rod has come to the same conclusion as his father:

“Indeed, he was correct. There was still a lot of living, partying, drinking, and shagging that I needed to get done.”

According to Hello Magazine, Rod and Alana got back together in February 2022 in order to celebrate an important event in their child’s life. The exes of the marriage attended their daughter’s engagement party so they could celebrate with her and Rod’s other daughter, Renee. The event was for the couple’s daughter.

On social media, Alana shared two images that she had taken during her child’s engagement ceremonies. The blended family visited the Craigslist office in Los Angeles together, and the photographs taken there showed Rod and the mother of his children sitting next to one another and smiling.

The article attracted the attention of fans, and a large number of them filled the comments section to compliment the exes for being civil with one another. One user of social media said that it was “admirable” for Alana and Rod to “stay close” after all of these years, and added that it was a benefit for their children to have witnessed their co-parenting relationship.

A second user said, “You guys are class acts,” while a third user complimented the band on having such a “family dynamic,” noting that the proximity that Alana maintains with her children and ex-husband is “really unique.”

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