The “wonderful mansion on Buckingham Place” that Lee Radziwi and her husband, Stanislaw “Stas” Radziwi, called home for many years is now available for purchase by interested parties. The London house that the late socialite, who was also the sister of Jackie Kennedy, and her husband bought in 1959 has just been listed for sale for £8.75 million, which is slightly over $11.6 million. The property was a spacious two-fronted structure that was located behind Buckingham Palace. It was there that Lee and her husband hosted many dinner parties for members of high society, including President John F. Kennedy. This listing, which is held by Dexters Westminster and can be seen here, is available for your perusal.

Although the house itself may be literally royal-adjacent, the land itself was really inhabited by members of the royal family. Following the conclusion of Lee’s marriage to Michael Temple Canfield, her high school love and the purported son of the Duke of Kent, she began a relationship with Stas, a Polish Prince. The pair proceeded rather swiftly in their relationship, as shown by the fact that they chose to buy a property together in London. There are seven bedrooms, five bathrooms, and three reception rooms spread throughout the 5,613-square-foot home that is owned outright. It has a total height of five stories.

Because Lee is such a skilled interior designer, she sought the assistance of another well-versed decorator, Renzo Mongiardino, to help her with the home’s interiors. Mongiardino, who was also an architect, art director, and set designer, incorporated theatrics into Radziwi’s house, which at the time was characterized by Architectural Digest as having an “Ottoman-meets-Moghul ambiance.” Mongiardino was a prize artistic director and production designer.

However, beneath the antique face of the house that stands, there is now a contemporary haven that flaunts sleek lines, hand-detailed accents, and neutral furniture that are quite comfortable. According to the advertisement for the property, the ground level has a family room, an open kitchen, and a dining room that all lead out to a private patio and garden. This floor is a center for entertaining guests. The “main suite” is located on the third level, which is separated from the other floors by a private patio and reception rooms located on the second floor. Above it, there are extra bedrooms and baths, which makes the house an excellent option for individuals who often entertain guests or who have a large family. The glass sliding roof panel that leads to the decked roof terrace, which has also been upgraded for party purposes, can be accessed from inside the room itself. According to Harry Laflin, Manager of Dexters Westminster, “This property is not just majestic and historic but also ideally positioned adjacent to the wide open areas of St. James’s and Green Park.” It is in a wonderful location, just on the border of Mayfair, and it is not far from Victoria. It could be a beautiful house for a family.

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