Johnny Depp has surprised everyone by showing up on the red carpet!

On October 12 in New York City, the actor and musician made an appearance with Jeff Beck for the SiriusXM Town Hall program. The duo is currently touring in support of their album “18.”

Fans, however, were quick to note that there was something new about the look of the 59-year-old actor. He had shaved off the trademark goatee and mustache that he had been sporting for the last few decades.

The former member of the Pirates brand wore blue trousers with a few layers of shirts topped with a worn green jacket. He also did not have on his blue-tinted spectacles, but he did have them on his head. He swept his shoulder-length tresses back and kept them in place with the eyeglasses.

The celebrity also surprised many when he greeted fans after a performance in New York by having a clean-shaven appearance.

The man who played Edward Scissorhands seemed cheerful and carefree while wearing a blue striped baker boy hat and blue sunglasses.

On a number of instances, he was seen engaging in conversation with fans and posing for pictures with them.

After making a few public appearances and giving a few concerts in the United Kingdom after the completion of his highly publicized defamation trial against his ex-wife Amber Heard, Johnny Depp and Beck are presently on tour in the United States.

Before taking the stage again in Red Bank, New Jersey, on Tuesday evening, they will play both Friday and Saturday evenings at the Paramount in Huntington.

In September, it was revealed that Johnny Depp is dating Joelle Rich, his attorney in his unsuccessful libel lawsuit against The Sun in the United Kingdom. The trial took place in the United Kingdom. He filed a lawsuit against the publication for using the phrase “wife abuser” to describe him.

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