According to TMZ, comedian and performer Andy Dick was taken into custody and charged with felony burglary after he was suspected of taking power equipment from a property that was still during construction.

On October 13, 2018, police in Santa Barbara, California reacted to allegations of a burglary in process and allegedly apprehended Dick as he fled the site of the crime. He allegedly made an effort to take many power tools from the garage of the residence, as stated by the police authorities. The owner has said to the police that they are not familiar with Dick and that they have not given him permission to enter their property.

Dick is now being held in the Santa Barbara County Jail after entering a plea of not guilty. His bail was established in the amount of $50,000, and it has not yet been paid.

The controversial actor has been known to suffer openly from drug misuse and has been accused several times of sexual misconduct. This is the latest in a long run of legal difficulties for the actor, who has been accused numerous times of sexual misconduct. Since 2017, when he was sacked from the movie Raising Buchanan for repeated allegations of inappropriate touching, he has not worked in cinema or television. He has also been absent from the television industry. In 2019, he was wanted by police for reportedly touching the genitals of an Uber driver. Earlier this year, he was arrested on his own broadcast and charged with sexual violence.

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