Skating is something that many of us may have liked doing when we were younger; however, how many of us have continued to do it? If you have, you should be quite proud of yourself. It’s a talent that I really wish I could say I had perfected.

Skating not only allows you to travel from point A to point B in a much quicker amount of time, but it also makes you appear quite cool as you make your way there. No matter whether you choose rollerblades or a skateboard as your mode of transportation, you’re going to look really great.

Skating provides a one-of-a-kind chance to showcase one’s talents in front of an audience, which is just another of the sport’s many benefits After all of the effort that you’ve put into the sport, why not demonstrate your capabilities to the rest of the competition?

One young woman is engaged in all of these activities. Luna Casaretto is her name, and she is a rollerblade skater who is well-known and recognized in her field.

Casaretto is a member of MAGMA PATINAJE ARTISTICO and skates professionally. MAGMA is a club for anyone interested in figure skating; however, rather than skating on ice, members use rollerblades to skate on the floor. Skating in this manner is referred to as inline skating, and it has its own specific nomenclature.

It does have a pretty cool sound to it, doesn’t it? Just hold on till you have a look at it. It’s possible that you’ll be dusting out your rollerblades in the not-too-distant future.

A video of Casaretto skating to the earth-shattering song “I Will Always Love You” by the late Whitney Houston was uploaded on YouTube in 2014. The video was uploaded in 2014.

The skater’s name is called out, and when they roll out onto the floor, they are greeted with shouts and clapping. This is similar to what happens in figure skating. Naturally, she skates out onto what looks like a gymnasium floor rather than the typical smooth white ice that we are used to seeing.

She starts by positioning herself in the center of the floor with her head down, waiting for her signal. The hushed stadium is filled with Houston’s ethereal singing.

Casaretto walks in a calm and measured manner. She has to be extremely cautious here since the beginning is acapella, and it is easy to go off track from the beat that the song is supposed to be in.

When she rises, she does not do it in a haphazard manner at all. She does a lovely bending motion and then lifts both of her legs over her head. She touches down with the same light touch with which she took off. As she skates to one side of the room and prepares to continue with the remainder of the act, the crowd starts to applaud and the cameras flash.

Her maneuvers around the gym, which include turning and spinning, are faultless. It’s hard not to hold your breath as she springs off the floor and does her first spin; she’s doing something so incredible! Is she truly capable of doing this?

Indeed, she is able to. She lands it with a grin and earns applause from the audience once she successfully completes it.

Casaretto gathers up steam as the tempo of the song quickens and the passion increases. She skates at a little quicker pace and makes use of the whole gymnasium. And just before Houston reaches the song’s characteristic peak, Casaretto starts a fast-paced spin on one leg that seems to go on for an indefinite amount of time.

Her performance is well received by the audience. After all, it was an absolutely amazing experience!

The performance by Casaretto is included in the video which can be seen below!

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