Within a span of only one day, three firefighters at the Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center in Virginia became dads to their newborn children!

Michael Irvine, Kyle Dean, and Kyle Frederick are all members of the workforce of the Fort Belvoir Fire and Emergency Services department, which is situated on the Fort Belvoir Army Base in the state of Virginia. And within twenty-four hours of one another, each of them became dads to a baby boy by virtue of the fact that their respective wives gave birth to the children.

A post about the dads was placed on the men’ Facebook pages by the hospital where the guys’ wives had given birth to their children.

“We are pleased to be able to welcome these newcomers into the world, and we cannot express how happy this makes us.” When you show up for your community, it returns the favor. We are grateful that you have chosen Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center to be the recipient of your one-of-a-kind gift of life.

Kyle Dean remarked how wonderful it is that all three firefighters became new dads at the same time in an interview that he gave.

“At work, we were all discussing it and how ridiculous it would be,” he added. “We were all talking about how insane it would be.” “As soon as I discovered it, I let the nurses know that two of my guys would be coming to be with me. Because of this, the nursing staff began to refer to us as “the fab three!”

He went on to explain that the dads are looking forward to getting together with their sons and seeing all of the boys develop into adults together as a group.

Kyle said, “We’ll get together and shoot some pictures with all three of them in the same frame together as a milestone.”

There’s a good chance that they’ll take their sons for a group picture at the firehouse at some point.

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