When we first learnt that there are humans living in the forest, the idea appeared completely incomprehensible to us. There are no people who are willing to live in environments that are hazardous because of animals. Only untamable creatures might put her life in jeopardy!

What about the things she does in her free time? Is she exempt from the need that she communicate, particularly with her close friends? Is it not the case that man is the only living thing that needs to interact with other people? After listening to this woman’s account of her life, I find that I have many questions…

Believe it or not, Emma Orbach, who lives in Wales, has made the decision to give up all she possesses and live in the woods instead. In order for her to exist in the jungle, she is totally reliant on mother nature. Both the outward look and the way in which they dress are strikingly different from those of ordinary people who live regular lives.

Since moving away, Emma has opted for a house that is rustic and made of mud and wood. Like everyone else, Emma ate anything she could find in the woods. She is able to get delicious food on occasion, such as goats and chicks. What has been done could be upsetting and distressing for those of us who can see it, but Emma is not the least bit affected by it.

She has no walls separating her from the natural world around her. During the day, she is joined by the sunshine or the singing of birds in the forest; nevertheless, during the night, she is satisfied to observe and appreciate the glitter of stars in the sky.

In addition, Emma took part in a few of the activities that were offered there. She does things like tend tiny farms and raise cattle to provide for herself and fulfill her fundamental need. The vast majority of people would consider what this lady does to be completely crazy and ludicrous. Who would want to give up the comforts of city life to live in the middle of the wilderness?

However, Emma was finally able to discover the joy and inner peace that she had been searching for all those years while living in the city. If she is happy with the choice that she made, there is no need for us to cast judgment on it.

By Elen

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