Moms are often the pillars of their families and the unifying force that holds everything else in place. They are responsible for the menu planning, grocery shopping, and preparation of meals, as well as the cleaning of the home, transporting the children to their many activities, and ensuring that everything works well.

And there are simply certain things that parents seem to have a talent for, like getting tough stains out of garments, locating a lost sock, putting hair up in a ballerina bun, or constructing elaborate braids. Those are just a few examples. Patricia Pieri, a mother from Utah, really adored her daughter Isabella, and one of her favorite activities was doing hairstyles for her young child.

However, Patricia went tragically from a rare brain ailment that she had been battling ever since Isabella was three years old. This left Isabella, who was then nine years old, without a mother and with a shattered heart. Her father Philip, who is 47 years old, tried his best to assist his little daughter with her hair after the incident, but he eventually came to the conclusion that it was not the same.

“Every time I pulled on her hair, she’d become angry with me. I was clueless about how to do the task. Isabella arrived home one day to see that it had been beautifully decorated. I refer to her as my princess since she not only looks the part but also acts the part, and her confidence has increased dramatically as a result, which is exactly what I wanted to happen.

Who in the world could it have been suddenly arranging Isabella’s hair?

Isabella’s mother, Tracy, is a mother to four children, including one who is around Isabella’s age. She was aware that at this age, females tend to let their looks influence how they feel about themselves.

As a result, Tracy began keeping Isabella back when the other children got off the bus so that she could quickly brush and style Isabella’s hair before the other children returned.

“I could see that she was having a hard time managing her hair. The first thing that we do is often two French braids, although every once in a while she will only let us do one braid. I instructed her on the proper way to brush her hair as well. When she boarded the bus, the first thing she’d say was, “I brushed my hair.” Does it look good? I’ll say, ‘You did amazing.'”

The kindness and consideration given to Isabella by her father will forever be remembered and appreciated.

She has also fought cancer, and throughout her ordeal, she found herself wondering, “What if it were my child?” 

“Being kind to others, especially those who could use a bit more love in their lives, is something that my mother instilled in me from a very young age. I am one of those people that believes in giving every child a chance, even the mischievous ones.

See for yourself how grateful Isabella is to Tracy for her thoughtfulness and the way she styles her hair in the video that follows and get a glimpse of the endearing relationship that exists between the two of them.

By Anna

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