Jimmie Herrod performs a lovely piece of “What a Wonderful World” at the finals of America’s Got Talent 2021, and the judges are astounded by his performance.

Jimmie Herrod has been through it all during his time on American Idol, from receiving the coveted Golden Buzzer from Sofia Vergara to being Instant Saved in the Semifinals of the competition.

His performance is excellent when he sings passionately since his voice is so pure and lovely.

The performance that Herrod gave in the final round of the competition was so emotionally intense that it caused all four of the judges to stand up at the end of the song.

The song’s final chords touched a lot of people both physically and spiritually as a result of Jimmy Herrod’s passionate rendition of the song.

One of the ten finalists vying for the top “AGT” award in Season 16 is Jimmie Herrod.

The other competitors are Victory Brinker, Josh Blue, Lea Kyle, Aidan Bryant, Brooke Simpson, Dustin Tavella, Gina Brillon, and Brooke Simpson. Northwell Nurse Choir is also participating.

Watch the video below…

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