In the movie Euphoria, Angus Cloud plays the role of Fezco, a low-key drug dealer who suffers a head injury that leaves him with a massive scar that runs up the length of his head. However, the real-life events that led to Cloud acquiring his visible scar are maybe even more traumatic than the account that was written. Cloud spoke about his brush with loss in an interview with Variety. The incident occurred when he was 14 years old and left him with very little brain damage.

Cloud was going through the downtown area of Oakland, California, with several pals when they were separated, and Cloud ended up falling into a construction hole that he had not spotted in the dark. “I woke up 12 hours later at the bottom,” he added. “I had fallen asleep at the bottom.” “I couldn’t get out. After what seemed like an eternity, I was finally able to crawl out. My skull was cracked, but my skin wasn’t, so all of the blood was on the inside of my body, pushing up on my brain. This made it very difficult to crawl out of the hole. On the other hand, they were not going to locate me down there. I was able to find myself. Or God found me, depending on how you want to phrase it.”

Despite his best efforts, Cloud was only able to make it back to his mother’s home in “survival mode,” where he was having a difficult time explaining what had transpired to her. To her credit, she did not allow him to go to sleep. He said, “I would have passed away.” After that, he went on to tell how he drank a glass of water and then on to say, “I began spitting up hella mouthfuls of scarlet red blood.” His mother brought him to the hospital, where he had an operation that resulted in a scar. He said, “They cut me up, they inserted some screws and a plate over where I shattered my skull, and then they sealed me back up, and that was it.” Very laid-back!

This crazy narrative is arguably the most sensitive information about Angus Cloud’s private life that he has ever revealed to the world. He was discovered on the sidewalk by the casting director of Euphoria and put in the role of the now-favorite character for the show’s audience. In past interviews, he has expressed a desire to maintain his seclusion. “It’s sort of been irritating with people trying to perform detective work on my entire life, especially when I’ve been quite private about it. I’m like, ‘Man, can you just stop?’ As in, don’t worry about it,” he said to In the Know.

Unfortunately for him, each new revelation about his life just makes me more interested in learning more about him than I already was.

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