The Bullet Train actor, 58, and the Gone Girl actress/model, 31, have been seen together in public, and a source close to Pitt has said that he is single but dating, and that he and Ratajkowski “have had a few dates” together. The pair have been sighted out together many times.

“Emily was the one who brought him to the attention of this art world acquaintance. There is an attraction, but nothing serious going on,” the person adds. “She is unquestionably stunning and also has a deep interest in the arts. When they get together, they usually have a good time and have a lot of interesting things to speak about. When they aren’t together, they keep in contact with one another.”

Ratajkowski and film producer Sebastian Bear-McClard had been married for four years, but the actress filed for divorce from him only last month. They both take care of Sylvester Apollo, who is now 18 months old.

A source close to Ratajkowski said that the end of her relationship was “extremely painful for her.”

“It came as a complete surprise and was quite upsetting. Now that she is on the other side of everything, she can finally breathe a sigh of relief “according to the source. “It seems like she is doing fine. She believes that Brad is quite incredible. They have gone on a few dates together, and she is starting to feel very serious about them. When she speaks about Brad, she comes across as really endearing. She has the impression that he is a gentleman. It has turned out to be the best possible moment for her.”

“Her friends joke that they no longer feel terrible for her about the divorce – there is nothing like Brad Pitt cheering you up,” the source claims. “There is nothing like Brad Pitt cheering you up.” “She has a strong desire to learn more about him and spend more time with him. They communicate with one another mostly via text messaging.”

Despite continuing legal problems with Angelina Jolie, 47, Brad Pitt, who has six children with his ex-wife, has been “living his best life,” according to a source who spoke to People magazine in the past. Back in 2019, a court ruled that he and Jolie could no longer be considered married legally.

According to the insider, Brad “has his movies, he has Miraval, and he has these other [passions].” “He has a passion for both creative and architecture. In light of his predicament, he is making the most of the life he has.”

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