Kim Kardashian is unsure of what the future holds for her romantic relationships, but despite this, she has no immediate plans to go back into the dating game.

During a visit on Live with Kelly and Ryan on Monday, the SKIMS businesswoman, who is 41 years old, was questioned about the kind of guy she eventually envisions herself with. Her response was, “Absolutely no one.”

After that, Kelly Ripa offered her the piece of advice to “remain off dating apps,” to which Kardashian responded that this “wasn’t even an option” for her in her situation.

Suggested Ripa, 51: “You need a business tycoon of the highest kind. That is exactly what you need. This is exactly what you are, and this is precisely what you need. Even though the field isn’t very big, he’s still sitting over there and observing what’s going on.”

The actress of Keeping Up with the Kardashians has stated that she has entertained the idea of dating someone who does not work in the entertainment business.

“I have said in the past that maybe I ought to consider dating a member of the medical or scientific community. Therefore, it’s possible that a group of scientists or lawyers may get in touch, “— I quote her. “However, I’m not quite prepared for this.”

Kim Kardashian responded to Ryan Seacrest’s question about whether or not she could “really go out on a casual date” by explaining the reasons why this was not an easy task for her.

“It doesn’t seem likely to me. I believe that it would have to be something that was organized in the home of a friend, “— I quote her. “Something that is really laid back. Nowhere that can be seen by the public. I just want to relax.”

The reality star continued by saying, “I am not interested in finding anything. I believe that I truly simply need some time to myself so that I can concentrate on finishing school. as well as hang out with my children.”

For quite some time, the general public has been interested in Kardashian’s romantic relationships. Ray-J, Reggie Bush, and Nick Cannon are just a few examples of the high-profile men she has dated in the past. Damon Thomas, to whom she was married from 2000 to 2004, and Kris Humphries, to whom she was married from 2011 to 2013, were also among her husbands.

At this moment, the businesswoman and Kanye West are in the midst of a contentious divorce fight. North is nine years old, Saint is 612 years old, Chicago is 412 years old, and Psalm is three years old. Their divorce became public in February 2021, after they had been married for over seven years.

October of the previous year marked the beginning of Kardashian and Davidson’s relationship before a court ruled in March that Kardashian was legally unmarried. After dating for nine months, the couple decided to end their relationship in August.

“It was a friendly and amicable breakup. They had spoken about it for a while but ultimately decided to part ways. It hadn’t come out of nowhere, “PEOPLE was informed by their source. “And the choice was made by both parties. There is currently no possibility of the group getting back together.”

A recent interview quoted Kardashian as saying that she is “happy to be alone.”

“I haven’t really given it much consideration since I haven’t been searching for it. I’d want to take a break and simply relax for a little. I believe that I need some time to myself in order to concentrate, complete school, and everything else involved “She discussed it with James Corden on his show The Late Late Show. “However, I believe that my next course of action will need me to… visit a variety of locations. It is very clear that nothing I do will get the desired results.”

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