Derek Hough and his fiancee Hayley Erbert have a lot of exciting things planned for their first dance as husband and wife.

In the episode of The Jennifer Hudson Show that aired on Friday, the 37-year-old judge of Dancing with the Stars claimed that he and Erbert, who is a professional dancer, are hoping to create a moment on the dance floor that will be remembered forever.

He said to anchor Jennifer Hudson, “We need to do something great, outstanding, you know subtle.” “We need to do something extraordinary,” “I don’t know, maybe come in via the roof,” she said.

Hough stated that the couple had intended to take it easy during their wedding at first, but ultimately decided to get up and dance.

The star of Hairspray Live! reflected on it, “To begin, because you are aware that we dance rather often, I believe it may be time for other people to perform for us, is that correct? To which he said, “Hey, you dance for us.” No, you dance.’ We’re going to kick our feet up now.”

Hough disclosed to PEOPLE in June that he was in the process of recruiting artists for their big day.

Hough made this announcement while attending the 4th Annual Critics’ Choice Real TV Awards. “I’m not going to mention names right now, but I’ve already asked a few individuals to perform at the wedding, and they’ve already committed,” Hough added. “So it’s going to be a full-on festival, and I couldn’t be more thrilled about it,” the speaker said.

The real proposal took place earlier than that around the time of Hough’s birthday; nevertheless, the pair chose to wait until June 2 to make their engagement public announcement.

Hough said, when being interviewed on The Jennifer Hudson Show, that one of the reasons he and Erbert became close was due to their shared love of adventure.

“We engage in some wacky activities. We do some excursions. Freediving, in which participants descend to depths of 30 or 40 feet, is one of our favorite sports “he said as a picture of a couple swimming together was shown on the screen. “I estimate that we are now submerged at a depth of forty feet while holding our breath. Even though he got a lot of water in his nostrils, the image turned out well.”

He continued by saying, “Man, that’s a moment.”

Hough said that he used to be “terrified of the water,” but that he eventually came to enjoy being in and around it.

“I used to despise water in general, but the ocean in particular. The next year, which I now refer to as “my year of water,” I traveled to Tonga, where I swam with humpback whales, dolphins, and manta rays “he stated. “For a number of months, I was forced to make my home in the sea. I can honestly say that I fell head over heels in love with it.”

“Do I have it right that you’re terrified of the unknown? You have a healthy respect for knowledge, but a healthy fear of ignorance “he continued. “I used to hate the ocean, but once I learned more about it and its inhabitants, I grew to like it. It’s great.”

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