The bond between a mother and her child is one unlike any other. Unless you’re a mother yourself, there’s really no way of knowing what it’s really like to watch your son or daughter grow and to see the person that they become.

When this mother and son duo takes the X Factor stage, there’s not a dry eye in the whole place.

Mel and Jamie haven’t been singing together for very long – just a few short weeks – but when the song starts, everyone is immediately mesmerized.

Jamie originally was going to take the big stage on his own, but as the date quickly approached, he didn’t feel as if he could do it on his own. So, he asked his mother if she would back him up with some harmonies.

Mel, his mother, who is 44 years old, jumped right in to provide her support. Since she is a vocalist by trade, reaching a conclusion was uncomplicated!

This performance is quite remarkable because it demonstrates the profound connection that these two people have with one another. Mel’s perspective on her young kid exudes an abundance of love as well as respect for him as an independent individual and talented musician. She is there to provide him with unwavering support, but she has no intention of stealing the show from him in any way. Since she is a professional singer, you would believe that her voice would be able to dominate his, but in reality, this is not the case at all. That is how you can tell whether a person is a skilled musician: when they are aware of when to hold back and when to mix in the harmonies for the benefit of the overall sound.

The interpretation of the song “Say Something” by a mother and her kid brings a whole new level of feeling to the song, despite the fact that “Say Something” by A Great Big World is already an affecting and beautiful tune. When the camera moves to show the people in the crowd, it is clear to see how much of an impression this performance had on everyone who had the good fortune to be there in person to see it.

Evidently, many of the audience members who saw this performance were brought back to emotionally charged times spent with their own moms or other members of their families. One person who left a comment on the article said, “What a strong, lovely woman… so much LOVE… She is his pillar of support, and the music sounds like it was sent down from above!

While another responded with,

“He exhibited a level of maturity well above his years. An incredible amount of dedication… awe-inspiring. And Simon was absolutely correct; his mother gave a lovely complement to his voice.

Both of these remarks are completely accurate. Jamie and his mother both have really nice singing voices. They are outstanding not just in terms of their technical ability but also in terms of the feelings that they convey via their performance. That is indisputable without a doubt! It was amazing to Simon.

Have you ever come across anything that is even somewhat like this before? Watching it is such a wonderful experience. It certainly has a positive impact on your day!

I can hardly wait to find out what the next step for these two will be, particularly considering that with each passing week, they will get more and more sensitive to what it is like to sing with one other. Things can only get better from here on out!

By Anna

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