Oreo is a jovial young man who enjoys life in a secure environment, where he is loved and cared for. You just cannot fathom that he was once a destitute street kitten pleading loudly for food as he cried out on the street. During that time, he attempted to look into stores but was met with resistance and ultimately expelled. On the road, there were a lot of people going about their business, but it seemed that no one paid attention to the small soul. The simple fact that Oreo was a cat did not give anybody the right to mistreat him in any way. Therefore, a kind-hearted individual made the decision to assist him in acquiring some meals.

When he was finally given something to eat, Oreo devoured it as voraciously as if he had gone days without eating anything. He was able to rest and unwind after the dinner, which helped him. The person who came to Oreo’s rescue felt he would never be able to forget the incident in which Oreo walked up to a guy and humbly asked for some food. He was far too cute to be abandoned on the sidewalk and forced to fend for himself there in order to live. Oreo deserves a better life. Therefore, the person who rescued him brought him to a location that was less dangerous.

That location provided a warm haven for those in need. Oreo was unaware that this was the start of a whole new chapter in his life. He had a nice home to call his own, where he basked in the warmth of his cage, and he socialized with other animals with fur. It was in the foster home that he would be able to sleep soundly without having to worry about being hungry or in danger. Oreo was a happy and outgoing little kid who was crazy with playing with peacock feathers. He experienced joy and thankfulness as a result of the man’s affection and care for him.

He was also the kind of person who could easily strike up conversations with new people. One of his closest companions was Lara, who resided in a cage not far away. While they were confined to their cages, they often engaged in conversation with one another. A few days later, the person who rescued him brought him to the veterinarian for a checkup on his health. The examination revealed that the lover was in excellent physical condition. He is having a good time at the shelter as he waits to be adopted into a permanent family. YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram are all good places to go if you want to learn more about tiny Oreo.

We have high hopes that the sweetie will soon be welcomed into a wonderful home of his own.

By Elen

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