If there is anything you desire, you should not hesitate to get it. It doesn’t matter what the end result is; the journey there will always be filled of unforgettable experiences that enrich your life and make it more exciting.

It seems that the female calico cat seen in this video is an adventurous young lady who doesn’t take “no” for an answer. She just comes to the conclusion one day when she is alone herself that she wants somebody that she can hang out with. Her first prey is a gorgeous bicolor cat that gives off the impression of being incredibly relaxed and friendly. Even though he doesn’t want her to, the beautiful calico cat nevertheless follows him about and makes a concerted effort to rub herself against his body.

Although the calico cat has been unsuccessful in catching the black-and-white one on several occasions, this does not imply that it is going to quit up easily. She even tries to give him a short embrace by throwing her arms over his neck, but he continues to rebuff her. After that, she loses her cool for no apparent reason, and the two of them end up fighting with each other. To tell you the truth, the battle is nothing short of funny!

The terrier eventually gets to know another man. This time, she doesn’t only massage her body to get his attention; she utilizes other areas of her body as well, and then she leaps up to embrace him. Nevertheless, the clever adjustment to the strategy plan isn’t really helpful either. She continues to get turned down, making this the second time. At this moment, the poor cat seems to have completely lost all hope and is giving off the impression that she wants to give him a good smack in the face.

Even after all that transpired, the tenacious cat still continues following that good-looking kid, but it seems as if he couldn’t care less about the cat’s presence in his life. It is really a shame that we do not have the opportunity to find out whether or not she could be accepted. This girl is definitely skilled in the art of flirting, and her determination is something that can only be admired.

Do you cheer for this courageous young woman? Do you think it would be much better for all of them if she could simply leave these male cats alone, or do you think it would be much worse for them all? We would appreciate it if you could give us your feedback, and please don’t forget to forward this hilarious film to all of your friends and family as well!

By Elen

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