Richard Gere had his 73rd birthday a few days ago, but he certainly does not look his age at all. Even at the age of 65, he was able to find love again, and his family eventually grew to include two more children. He has also divulged the key to preserving one’s youthful appearance.

On August 31, 2022, Gere turned 73 years old, and many of his admirers were shocked to find that he maintained his young good looks and maintained a respectable body for his age. His rise to prominence started in the 1980s, and to this day, admirers continue to be captivated by his good looks.

In the days leading up to his birthday, Gere was seen in the city of New York. He was dressed in a casual manner, wearing a grey T-shirt and grey pants. He finished off the appearance by wearing white sneakers and carrying a backpack. On the other hand, the public’s attention was not drawn to the garments he was wearing.

Fans remarked that Gere still appears very similar to how he did when he appeared with Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman,” and his form was still slim but comfortable. Fans also noticed that Gere’s voice still sounds very similar to how it did when he starred with Roberts. It seems like he was having a good time with a buddy since there are images taken of him smiling and laughing.

Gere is still as attractive as ever, but his profession has changed drastically from his days as an ’80s heartthrob, and he now lives a calmer existence with the love he discovered very late in his life. Despite these changes, Gere is still as handsome as ever.

Gere has been in a large number of films, ranging from romantic comedies to action movies, but as of late, he has been taking a more passive role in his career. His most recent critically acclaimed movie was 2008’s “Nights in Rodanthe,” which was released in theaters. Since then, he has not participated in the production of another picture.

However, even before the screening of the film in 2008, he was already experiencing a slowdown in his career as a result of the fact that he opted to speak out against breaches of human rights in China and said that Hollywood had “blacklisted” him.

Gere considered his departure from the screen as a chance to concentrate more on his personal life, despite the fact that his admirers were disappointed to see him go. Gere is now a family guy who devotes his spare time to spending time with his new family consisting of his wife and their children.

The former actor and his family were seen enjoying their time off together in Ibiza, Spain, in June of 2022. Since their wedding, a little over four years ago, the actor and his wife, Alejandra Silva, who is 39 years old, have been blessed with two small children.

Gere was seen spending the whole day playing with his boys, who are just two and three years old respectively. Together with the boys that he and Silva have, he enjoyed playing on the beach and the waves. In addition, Gere is the father of an older boy named Homer, whom he welcomed with his then-wife Carey Lowell before they divorced.

Lowell and Gere were married for a total of 11 years, starting in the year 2002 and ending in 2013. But in the end, the couple chose to go their own ways since they had different ideas about how their private lives should be lived. Gere favored a more sedate way of life, whilst Lowell craved interaction with other people. When they split up, their son Homer was 13 years old. Five years later, his father remarried, and Homer became close with his new stepmother. Homer was born when his father was 51 years old, and he welcomed his father’s new bride when Gere and Silva wed in 2018. Homer has a close relationship with both of his parents.

Although Silva and Gere did not start dating until 2014, Gere had known Silva all of her childhood since he was a friend of her family. Silva and Gere’s love connection started in 2014. They stopped communicating with one another but were reunited when Gere was 65 years old.

Before getting married in 2018, the couple had been seeing one other for a total of four years. However, both members of the pair had previous marriages to their credit. Both Gere and Silva were married at one point; Gere to Lowell and Silva to mining mogul Govind Friedland respectively. They have a child together named Albert. In 2015, the divorce between Silva and Friedland was finally formalized.

Gere is claimed to have become a much happy person after marrying Silva at the age of 68. According to many sources close to the actor:

Because he is now stable, self-assured, and engaged in activities that he enjoys, Richard has seen a significant uptick in his level of happiness in the second part of his life.

The information provided by the source indicated that he maintained his work in the humanitarian sector and had the ability to choose the movies in which he wanted to feature and those in which he preferred not to participate. Additionally, he was able to completely embrace Buddhism, a religion to which he had converted in 2015.

The actor also said in an interview with “The Hindustan Times” that he made decisions about his family and the amount of time he would be apart from his boys. He has said that his family is really important in his life at this time.

Alexander was the couple’s first child and was born exactly one year after Silva and Gere tied the knot. In April of 2020, Gere and Silva were surprised with the birth of their second son as a couple. On the other hand, the couple is well known for keeping their children out of the public eye and away from social media.

Gere Is Delighted With His New Family and Young Boys Gere is ecstatically delighted with his new wife and their young sons. Gere Is Still As Handsome As Ever However, followers of the actor in the past have observed that he now presents an even more impressive appearance than before. Many of his devotees have pondered the question of how he manages to keep his youthful appearance.

Gere has been the subject of several interviews in which the interviewer has inquired as to what the actor does to maintain his body in shape and his skin looking fresh. His responses are often succinct pieces of sound counsel. Rituals and daily skincare practices are never mentioned by him.

On the red carpet at the New York premiere of “Three Christs” in January 2020, Gere was questioned about the secret to his longevity at the age of nearly 70, and he answered as follows:

“You shouldn’t give it any attention at all. That just there is the key.”

Gere has said that he disregards his age as well as what someone who is his age is expected to appear or behave like, and he has also acknowledged that “having small kids definitely helps.” His young boys are a big part of what helps him feel youthful in both his heart and his body.

Gere is known for sharing nuggets of wisdom on how to maintain a youthful appearance, but he has also shared his understanding of what it is to be happy and how an individual may work toward and achieve happiness for themselves.

During an interview that took place at the Academy Awards in 2012, Gere was questioned about his definition of happiness. Gere responded by saying that he equated happiness with growth and focused his attention on things that, like his heart and intellect, he was able to grow.

He said that in order for him to make progress toward his goal of happiness, he needs the capacity to “go outside of [himself].” Additionally, he said:

“Happiness is not a destination; it’s a goal that you work toward.”

The renowned actor then said that he was able to put his faith in the process of achieving happiness. We hope that the remainder of Gere and his family’s road to happiness together is filled with nothing but love and joy for everyone involved.

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