After receiving a video showing a dog living in a garbage pile, the staff at the Animal Hope Shelter immediately raced to assist the unfortunate animal.His name is Valentine, and his former owner used to show him a great deal of affection and care. Unfortunately, an accident fractured both of his legs, and as a result, he was unable to walk properly. After realizing that Valentine was of no use to him, the owner dumped him in the backyard and walked away, leaving him to fend for himself.

The unfortunate youngster was at a loss to comprehend the reason why his adoring master had deserted him and no longer cared for him. It didn’t matter how much he pleaded with his master to show him some affection; his efforts were for nothing. As a result of his lack of access to food, water, and medical care, he was undernourished and in poor condition.

Even though he had left the dog, the owner would not allow the rescuers to take him with them. Because of the precarious nature of his condition, they were focused on rescuing him as soon as they could. They bargained with the owner, and in order to purchase Valentine’s release, they had to spend some money.

They did not waste any time and hurried the unfortunate child to the veterinarian right away for an examination. According to the findings, he suffered from anemia and had a very flat stomach. The X-rays revealed that his spine was OK; nevertheless, the injuries to his legs prohibited him from standing and walking. Therefore, in order for him to get well, he needed to have surgery.

Before beginning the operation, the physicians provided him with some medical therapy. They cleaned him and gave him some food. During the time when Valentine was having surgery, everyone was quite nervous and unsure of what would happen. We are quite fortunate that the procedure was a success.

Even though the medical staff tried all in their power, the patient’s will and strength ultimately determined whether or not he would be able to walk again. After receiving therapy and postoperative care, Valentin started to feel much better. He sensed the kindness and compassion that the physicians and rescuers radiated, and he was thankful to them.

After receiving affection and care for 15 days, Valentin gained the strength and stamina necessary to walk. He tried acupuncture and other simple exercises in an effort to recollect what it felt like to be able to walk. They had to go a long way to get the dog to walk again, but they were certain that Valentin would eventually get the hang of it.

The people who work at the clinic have had a significant impact on Valentin’s life, which has resulted in dramatic changes. He is able to regain his ability to move and explore all that is around him. After all that had occurred to him in the past, he deserved to have a life that is full of love and satisfaction. We have high hopes that he will be adopted by a caring family.

By Elen

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