There are several reasons why dogs are considered to be man’s best friend. The majority of these reasons are due to the fact that dogs are, by nature, reliable and loyal, and that they love us no matter what, but the most critical reason is that many men actually see their dogs as being on level with some of their closest friends.

Henry Alvarado, an Army expert, was one of those sympathetic owners; he was able to do everything for his friend Dukey, a German shepherd who had been a member of the Alvarado family since he was only four weeks old. His previous deployments, including ones to Afghanistan and Germany, were not the first time the dog had traveled with him. Unfortunately, just as the young service member, his wife, and their puppy were getting ready to move from Los Angeles to their new location in Alaska, something terrible took place. A automobile ran over Dukey and injured him.

Henry was unable to pay for the veterinarian expenses or the necessary surgery for Dukey, and he did not have anybody to assist him in taking care of the dog. Unfortunately, the poor puppy was severely damaged, and Henry was unable to aid Dukey in any way. He had just a few days’ notice to leave Los Angeles, and to tell you the truth, he was frightened about what may lie ahead. Henry was under the impression that the only other choice he had was to kill his closest companion.

Henry’s advisor was kind enough to get in touch with The Animal Protectorates, and the organization readily agreed to be of assistance to Henry. They started a campaign to generate money in order to pay for Dukey’s operation with the assistance of Rescue From The Hart. The tale of Henry and Dukey had moved the hearts of a great number of people, and money came flooding in as a result.

The operation was a success, and The Animal Protectorates were also able to locate a wonderful foster mother for Dukey who also happened to be a nurse so that she could care after him while he recovered from the procedure.

Six weeks later, after Dukey had finally recovered sufficiently from his sickness, he traveled to Alaska to reunite with his father. When the adorable puppy saw Henry coming closer, he simply couldn’t contain his excitement any longer, and when they finally had a chance to embrace one another, they were both overcome with happiness.

By Elen

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