A real estate agent became disoriented and wandered through what seemed to be the garbage of dog fighting and upon one dog that was still alive. After getting lost while showing a house in Rock Hill, North Carolina, real estate agent Casey Lawrence discovered the wounded Pit Bull that had been abandoned in the woods. It seems likely that the dog was used by dog fighters as a bait dog before they abandoned it and allowed it to pass away. Bones and animal corpses were scattered all around him in that area.

We are really fortunate that Casey found the dog in time, who we now know to be Rambo. She did her best to get Rambo to the Baxter Animal Hospital as quickly as possible. Rambo had suffered severe injuries and was covered in abrasions and bite marks; in addition, the wounds on his legs had developed gangrene. The medical staff at the clinic immediately began their efforts to save Rambo’s life. They carefully dressed his wounds and bandaged him up.

Antibiotics were administered to him via an IV, and they monitored his condition closely. After two days, Rambo was able to sit up on his own and wag his tail to some degree.

Even more encouragingly for his veterinarians, he showed even a passing curiosity about consuming food.

Unfortunately, Rambo is still having trouble getting out of his predicament. Because of the severity of the damage to his right hind leg, it was necessary to amputate it.

Due to the severity of his wounds, Rambo was sent to the Charlotte Animal Referral and Emergency (CARE) hospital for further treatment.

“The bindings around his ankles have probably caused injury to both of his rear limbs,” reads the post on CARE’s Facebook page. “He is a soldier and will wag his tail and offer kisses,” the owner said, despite the traumatic experiences the dog has been through.

The doctors say that Rambo’s left leg is “still in limbo,” and that they are doing all in their power to preserve it.

Rambo is getting well care from Every Life Matters Animal Rescue while he is in the process. It came as a pleasant surprise to learn that Casey, the real estate agent, is on the board of directors for the organization that helps animals in need. After Rambo had his first operation, they posted an update on YouCaring that said as follows: “He has been extremely out of it today as a result of the anesthetic, but he knows you are there. When you leave, he puts his paw up for you to come back,” she said.

According to reports, the rescue team is hopeful that the authorities would examine the location where Casey discovered Rambo in order to determine whether or not they can identify the individuals responsible for the unlawful acts.

Until then, the people trying to save Rambo are keeping their fingers crossed that they will make more headway. He is such a brave and bold individual!

By Anna

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