The director of Guardians of the Galaxy, who is 56 years old, responded to questions posed by fans on his approach as a filmmaker throughout the course of the weekend on Twitter. Someone took advantage of the chance to ask Gunn what kind of response he would give to an actor who “just isn’t working out.”

“…if you are a filmmaker and you have an actor that isn’t working out for any number of reasons (their process, temperament, lack of chemistry, etc.), do you speak to them and give them a chance or two, or do you just fast trigger it and recast?” the comment was made by the Twitter user.

The response given by Gunn was, “If it’s their temperament and it’s severe, I’ll instantly recast.” “There isn’t enough time in the day for a———. The same thing applies if they are chronically extremely late, which is something I detest, or unprepared. Because of the aforementioned factors, there is a large list of actors, both A-list and others, who I would never collaborate with.”

Gunn continued his remarks in a subsequent tweet by saying, “But if it’s something to do with their performance and they’re giving it their all, I’ll do everything I can on my end to make it work until it’s absolutely clear that the quality of the project will be noticeably harmed if we don’t recast the role. This may occur when a particularly brilliant actor is cast in a role that is not a good match for them.”

Regarding this issue, another individual posed the question to Gunn about how he determines which performers are “a———-.” The fan wanted to know one of two things: “Do you meet them at different events, or do you consider them for your projects, but then you find out through other directors that it is not worth working with them?”

“When working with directors, actors, producers, and crew members who I trust, I always conduct my research on the production heads and performers involved in the project. If it turns out that they are reckless or jerks (not just grumpy or curmudgeons, but true jerks), I won’t employ them “It was his response. “There are certain performers whose work I have seen and would never even think to consider.”

Although Gunn did not name any of the actors who, in his opinion, belong in this group, he did name one who is not at all likely to do so, and that actor is John Cena.

In response to a Twitter user’s speculation that WWE superstar John Cena is “on time,” the commentator wrote: “@JohnCena is among the greatest individuals to work with – always prepared and on time and nice to everyone.” “He, along with several of my other regulars, is one of the performers I would give everything to work with. I wish I could give them a shout-out in this space, but the limited number of characters available forces me to skip over many of them.”

Cena, who is now 45 years old, played the part of Peacemaker in Gunn’s 2021 film The Suicide Squad. He then repeated this role in the HBO Max series Peacemaker, which is also another one of Gunn’s creations.

In May, Gunn said that production on the third and final picture in the Guardians of the Galaxy trilogy had come to a close and that the movie has wrapped shooting.

Gunn was seen laughing among the cast of the Marvel movie in a photograph that he shared on Instagram. Among the cast members were Chris Pratt, Pom Klementieff, Karen Gillan, and Dave Bautista. Gunn’s brother Sean Gunn was also in the photo.

The filmmaker noted in the caption at the time, “And that’s a photographic wrap on the Guardians of the Galaxy trilogy,” which aptly describes the moment. “I am in awe of this incredible cast and crew, as well as their breathtaking talents and kind hearts. I count myself among the fortunate humans to have had them accompany me on this trip for over ten years.”

Additionally, James dropped a hint by saying, “And yeah, Zoe [Saldaa] was with us, but the only photo I have with her has an undisclosed actor with us!”

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