Many dogs are often passed up for adoption by potential adopters in favor of younger, more traditionally appealing puppies, whether it’s because of their breed, age, looks, or health problems.

But sometimes a kind human shows up and offers their heart to these dogs. A 2-year-old child chose a shelter pit bull out of all the animals in the sanctuary to be the caring human for him.

Audra Spurio never imagined her 2-year-old daughter would be captivated to a sick and mangey pit bull when she brought her to the shelter to get a puppy. But the little child persisted because he felt that the dog needed some tender love and care.

More than any other dog at the sanctuary that day, my kid really wanted to meet her, Audra told The Dodo. The little girl insisted, “Mom, that one,” despite her memory that the dog “stunk like manage.”

“Leave the dog outside. need assistance,” Gigi added.

As a result, Gigi granted the girl’s desire and brought the pit bull outdoors to play. While the dog was frightened and timid, the child was kind and patient throughout.

The dog’s ailments would have “grossed out” many kids, but Gigi just saw a companion who needed treatment.

Having fun outdoors, it was evident that the

Audra said, “I witnessed this scared dog melt in G’s hands. She was undoubtedly adamant about keeping my kid at her side.

Gigi stayed behind to beg her mother to take the pit bull home so they could care for her when she was put back in her kennel. The two-year-old says, “Ill dog, go home.”

Fortunately, the little girl’s desire came true. The ill pit bull, now known as Scarlett, was the one dog at the refuge that day who captured her heart out of all the others.

Audra told The Dodo that Scarlett was currently back home and doing much better. She continues to keep G in her sight.

Nearly 14 million people have seen the lovely tale on YouTube, and many comments have expressed hope for the future because of Gigi and her love for animals.

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