Ben and Erin Napiers, who star in the critically acclaimed home improvement program Home Town on GHTV, have just become parents to their second child together. Fans of the show remarked that Ben seemed to be in much better shape in the most recent episodes of Home Town, and the reason for the shift was entirely due to the fact that his children had grown.

One of the most well-known couples to appear on GHTV is Ben and Erin Napiers. They won the hearts of viewers with their rehabilitation series called “Home Town,” in which they helped residents of Laurel, Mississippi, with their home repairs.

Ben and Erin’s goal was for their restoration series to not only display the natural beauty of Laurel, but also the advantages of living in a more compact community.

The first season of the program debuted in 2017, and it quickly became a record-breaking sensation, which catapulted the pair to immediate celebrity. But despite all that has happened in their lives, Ben and Erin’s relationship has only grown stronger over time.

One of the reasons their admirers adore them so much is because of the love story that they shared. When Ben and Erin were students at Jones County Junior College, everything began to unfold. They had always seen each other around, but they had never properly introduced themselves to one another until their yearbook photograph, which completely altered everything between them.

Ben had a piece written on him in the yearbook that was edited by the timid Erin, who was the yearbook’s editor. The unexpected meeting provided the pair an opportunity to converse, and after just six days together, they realized that each other was “the one” for them.

The pair now celebrates what they refer to as “Love Week” on December 7 of each year as their anniversary since their love story only lasted seven days.

Ben and Erin had been seeing one other for three years before Ben’s sweet proposal. Erin was browsing the shelves of a bookshop when a friend of hers presented her with a yearbook bound in leather and included a love tale about high school sweethearts.

Erin had no idea that the narrative she was reading was about her and Ben until she got to the final page, where it said, “Come upstairs for the remainder of the story.” Erin approached the top of the stairs with trepidation, only to see Ben down on one knee, asking her to be his wife.

Erin’s best friend was there to record the whole event on video so that they could add it to their collection of memories later on. The proposal had been well thought out.

Erin, then 23 years old, and Ben, then 25 years old, married the wedding in November of 2008. Since Ben and Erin’s romantic engagement, he has presented Erin with a yearbook he prepared especially for the occasion of each anniversary they have been together.

The lovely Home Town couple decided to start a new chapter in their lives by expanding their family with the birth of their daughter Helen in 2017. Erin had a difficult time accepting the fact that she might one day be a mother since she did not believe she would be able to have children.

The designer at GHTV was diagnosed with a ruptured appendix after suffering from a mysterious sickness. Erin was forced to have surgery in order to repair the damaged tissue; however, the physician cautioned her that it may be difficult for her in the future to deliver a baby to full term.

As a result, the couple hid the fact that they were expecting a child for a considerable amount of time due to the known risks associated with the pregnancy; nonetheless, Helen was born three weeks early and in good health.

The couple’s anxiety during their first pregnancy carried over into their second pregnancy, but following the birth of their daughter Helen, they reported feeling more equipped to deal with any potential difficulties.

People were perplexed by some of the images that Erin published of her pregnancy since the designer’s baby bulge was not evident in any of the pictures. However, Erin clarified the situation by stating that this was because of the scar tissue that was left over from her operation.

But as it was time for their second daughter to arrive, Erin and Ben said they lamented their time as a family of three. They welcomed Mae in May of 2021 after their time together as a family of three came to an end.

The Napiers family rose to prominence very immediately, but the parents have always made sure that their work does not consume every aspect of their life. Regardless of the size of the paycheck or the scope of the opportunity, Erin and Ben have made it quite clear that they will not allow their work to prevent them from spending time with their children.

As a result, Erin and Ben have devised a rule of thumb to guarantee that they have sufficient time to divide between their employment and their family responsibilities. They gave an explanation;

We are able to come if the task can be completed in two nights or less. But if it’s going to be for three nights, then we have to bring our nanny and Helen, and we need you to foot the expense for that,” she said.

The majority of Erin and Ben’s careers have been on film, but the parents have made it clear that they do not want their kids to stay in the spotlight for as long as they can help it.

Additionally, the couple seldom publishes photos of their children’s faces on social media, and it is necessary for Ben and Erin to carefully restrict the amount of time they spend using various forms of social media.

The Napiers want their children to live a typical upbringing since they are from a small town and work there as well. This is their primary motivation for making this wish come true for their offspring.

Erin said that her kid likes playing outdoors and that she wants to maintain it that way since they both had “wonderful childhoods” when they did things like that.

Fans of the Home Town television show observed that Ben had changed physically when the show returned for its third season on GHTV.

The carpenter said that in the last 12 months, he had had a weight loss of 55 pounds. Ben had maintained a consistent training routine throughout the previous eight years, but with the birth of his daughter Helen, he began to take his health and fitness far more seriously.

Ben shared his sentiments, saying, “Having Helen made me want to be healthy so that I could be around for a lot longer and watch her grow up and see her through her entire life.”

After the woodworker had written on Instagram that he had lost his maternal grandpa to a stroke and that both his father and grandfather had had catastrophic heart surgery, this came to pass.

Additionally, Erin has been at her husband’s side while he has worked to reduce his weight. She also acknowledged that she has always been worried about Ben’s future health due to the inherited cardiac problems that run in Ben’s family.

However, the fashion designer is pleased to see that her spouse is making efforts to improve his health. Despite the fact that Erin has said that she does not want to become too thin. Erina made it clear that she loves Ben regardless of his size and that she is grateful for the fact that she always feels protected when she is around him, despite the fact that she is the one who gave him the nickname “Big” due to his height and massive body.

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