Natalie Lucas was aware of what she was getting into when she decided to work as a lifeguard. She was already in her third year of employment since she enjoyed her work so much. Lifeguards are renowned for saving lives; when a swimmer needs to be rescued, they spring into action or the water.

When Lucas went to work in July 2022, he didn’t anticipate creating life rather than saving it. She was as usual observing the pool and the swimmers when she saw a pair enter that caught her eye. Tessa Rider and Matthew Jones visited the pool on that particular day so that Rider could relax during her nine-month pregnancy.

The lifeguard saw Rider enter the pool and decided to keep an eye on her out of precaution. Thank god she did, since something unexpected happened very quickly. Lucas saw as the expectant Rider struggled to exit the water. Jones informed the lifeguard that their child seemed to be on its way when Lucas went to check on Rider. When Jones started to dial 911, it was already too late. Everyone noted that the kid was already on its way into the world as his wife removed her bikini.

Although she admitted to being anxious about helping with the delivery, Lucas maintained her composure for the sake of the family. Lucas gathered towels and emergency equipment, saying that everything occurred extremely rapidly. After settling the laboring mother, her baby son was born five minutes later.

Lucas discussed the moment she realized something wasn’t right in an interview with Good Morning America. When she began crawling out of the water, Lucas thought, “Okay, I need to go check to make sure everything’s OK there. She had a (pool) noodle to attempt to alleviate some stress from all that weight on the front of her.”

She said that the husband told her they were in labor as soon as he arrived. “We’re having the baby right now, the husband Matthew informs me as I approach. The moment I say “OK,” adrenaline starts to flow “said the lifeguard.

For the sake of the birthing family, she said, she needed to maintain her composure. “The pair handled everything with a lot of composure while it was occurring, which shocked me a little. I made careful to preserve my composure and remain with them, continue asking them questions to keep their attention on the kid, and ensure that they were as comfortable as possible.”

Tobin Thomas Rider was born in the next five minutes. Jones expressed his appreciation for the lifeguard’s bravery and assistance. “Natalie reminds me of a doula or a midwife, in terms of her presence. She was totally concentrated on Tessa. I thus had no need to worry about my wife at that time. I could concentrate only on Tobin and what he need to be secure and healthy “He revealed

Despite the unique circumstances, the family stated they were overjoyed to welcome their adorable boy. “He brought complete pandemonium into the circumstances surrounding his birth. And it’s really exactly the contrary now that he’s out in the world.”

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