Katie was suspicious since the same name was inscribed on both Grayson and Hannah’s wristbands, even though the two children did not resemble one other at all. Miracles are commonplace in life, and wonderful opportunities are always just around the bend, waiting for us to throw out our arms and make room for them. Katie Price, who was 30 years old when she went through a divorce, didn’t see it as anything terrible; rather, she saw it as an opportunity to start a new chapter in her life and find pleasure in fostering children. She had difficulty conceiving children, but she was certain that she would be a wonderful mother one day, regardless of whether or not she would actually give birth to the children who would come into her life. Katie took in a total of four foster children throughout the course of her life; however, her life took an unexpected and positive turn for the better when she received a phone call about an abandoned infant who was only four days old and in need of a home.

A single mother takes in and raises an orphaned newborn girl, but she is unaware that the child is her adoptive son’s biological sister.

Katie and young Grayson formed a strong relationship throughout the time that he was in her care, and when he was 11 months old, she made the decision to officially adopt him. The day that Grayson was officially recognized as Katie’s son was, without a doubt, the best day of Katie’s life.

Katie’s life was not complete until the arrival of Grayson, but she always knew that she intended to adopt other children in the future.

She received a phone call one day from a social worker who informed her about a newborn girl who had been abandoned at the same hospital where Grayson had been a year earlier. They questioned Katie about whether or not she would be interested in taking care of the little child. “I KNOW THAT DURING THE NEXT 10 MINUTES AND SUBSEQUENT PHONE CALLS I MADE THAT AFTERNOON, THE PHRASE “I KNOW I AM CRAZY, BUT GOD IS TELLING ME TO SAY ‘YES’ KEPT COMING OUT OF MY MOUTH,” “I KNOW THAT.”

It wasn’t too much longer after that that Hannah was officially adopted into Katie’s family.

However, when the young lady arrived at Katie’s residence, she saw something peculiar that immediately drew her attention. The lady whose name was given as Hannah’s mother was also the woman whose name was given for Grayson. Even if it was possible for it to be a simple coincidence, Katie had the feeling that there was more to the story.

Katie was suspicious since the same name was inscribed on both Grayson and Hannah’s wristbands, despite the fact that the two children did not resemble one other at all.

“GRAYSON IS HALF AFRICAN AMERICAN WITH BEAUTIFUL DARKER SKIN AND DARK CURLY HAIR,” KATIE WROTE ON HER BLOG. “BABY GIRL HAS STRAIGHT RED-BLONDE HAIR AND A WHITE SKIN TONE WITH A PALE WHITE SKIN TONE.” Katie discovered that her premonition had been correct after making contact with Hannah’s biological mother. That mother related to her how, before to the birth of Hannah, she had a son whom she had given birth to. DNA testing revealed that Katie’s adoptive children were biologically related to each other as half siblings.

“Imagine if Baby Girl had been adopted by a different family.” Katie wrote in her blog entry. If we hadn’t looked, we never would have discovered her or Grayson’s mother. Without this, we never would have made the link! I was speechless because the miracle that had just taken place was beyond my comprehension.

The adoption of Hannah was finalized in the month of December in 2018.

“The day that I said ‘Yes’ to accepting the Baby Girl, I had the most peculiar sensation that has ever occurred to me. Up until that point, I don’t believe I had ever genuinely sensed a calling from God that couldn’t be ignored. Despite the fact that it did not fit into my plans and did not make any sense, my intellect kept urging me to say “no,” but something deep within of me kept insisting that I should say “yes.” It is an absolute miracle and a once in a lifetime opportunity… Whatever you want to call it, the fact that my children have discovered each other is quite incredible.

However, Katie’s adventure with her family does not end there. She is now considering adopting the five-month-old baby sibling of her existing children.

Because Jackson was born in the family home, all three of the children were able to be raised together.

Katie comments, “I am continually taking leaps of faith and developing my wings on the way down.”

Along this crazy path that God has gifted me with, I am sharing the things that I am passionate about and enjoy.

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