It’s probable that Nessie McNubbins, a Chihuahua, was born without her front legs because of negligent breeding on the breeder’s part. When Nessie was found, she was sent to a shelter, where the employees immediately fell in love with this lovable and energetic canine. Despite the fact that she made the people who came to the shelter laugh, the handicapped dog did not end up with a new family.

Nessie spent a considerable amount of time considering the question of why none of the families ever picked her. Over the course of eight years, she was “adopted” three times, but each time the families swiftly returned her to her original family. When Theresa Loyacano saw Nessie’s picture on social media, everything changed! Nessie had no intention of being deemed “inadequate” or “attractive,” but after that, everything changed!

Theresa had no doubt that Nessie was meant to be a part of her family, so she or went to the animal shelter and took in the adorable little girl. The animal shelter was concerned about how the Chihuahua with just two legs would adjust to her new environment. However, at this time, everything just seemed to click into place! Finally, Nessie had arrived at her “true” and “permanent” home!

After being rejected for many years, Nessie finally found a family and celebrated her adoption by hopping about her new house on her strong rear legs like a kangaroo. She shares her permanent home with two disabled canine brothers, and the four of them have just become friends over the course of their time together.

This video gives us a glimpse of Nessie entertainingly hopping about like a kangaroo, and it’s very funny! It is said that the Chihuahua has her own wheelchair, although she reportedly uses it very little. Nessie is a young lady with a strong will who has sweetly accepted her imperfections, and she has decided to live a life that is the least difficult possible!

By Anna

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