Near the end of his life, a dog by the name of Ace, who had lived for 19 years, was donated to the Sonoma refuge. And around the same time, the flames in California began to spread.

The SPCA was nearly a hundred and fifty miles away, and there wasn’t much chance for him there. However, his foster mother Bonnie saw how lively he was behaving and realized that she had no choice but to remove him from the shelter at the very least.

Therefore, she offered to take the senior dog directly into her own house until it was possible to find it a permanent home. In addition, during the course of the first few days, Ace would undoubtedly start to feel more at ease and gradually emerge from his reserved state. The other foster dogs in your home were his new best friends after that!

After some time had passed, an influx of adoption requests was received for Ace. When Bonnie realized how much she would miss him when he was gone, she couldn’t help but feel a twinge of melancholy. But as a result of this, Ace was considered a “failure” as a foster pet! Because Bonnie made the decision to love and care for him permanently, he will spend the remainder of his life in a setting that is superior to any other possibility.

By Anna

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