Chloe Lattanzi had a strong bond with both her father and her mother. Lattanzi began posting images of her mother on Instagram in remembrance of Olivia Newton-John three days before the singer passed away. This gives us some insight into the close bond that they have.

73-year-old On Monday, Olivia Newton-John passed away at the home she shared with her California horse ranch. She passed away calmly with her loved ones and friends around her towards the conclusion of her life.

Although the official cause of death has not yet been determined, Newton-John had been fighting cancer for the last three decades. The actress became an advocate for those who are currently coping with cancer when she discussed her story with her friends and followers.

The actress also established a charitable organization with the goal of contributing to the advancement of cancer research and developed a wellness center for cancer sufferers.

Newton-John was a multitalented performer who had success with films such as “Grease,” in which she portrayed one of her most famous roles, Sandy. She also had success with country music, scoring number one singles with songs like “If Not for You” and “Physical,” among others.


Chloe Lattanzi, Newton-daughter, John’s posted a photo of the two of them on her Instagram account three days before the singer died away, wearing matching white dresses and standing next to one other.

In the photo, Lattanzi is shown resting on her mother, who is depicted as having a grin so wide that it causes her eyes to shut. Lattanzi described the photo as follows: “This lady is worshipped by me. The mother of me. My best buddy.”

As a result of Newton-widespread John’s adoration among fans, acquaintances, and coworkers, a significant number of Lattanzi Lattanzi’s followers had the same opinions. People sent comments expressing how much they, too, idolized the artist and how much they loved her.

Despite the fact that they were unaware that Lattanzi’s Instagram post would ultimately result in Newton-passing, John’s a great number of followers referred to Newton-John as an angel.

After hearing the tragic news that Newton-John had passed away, Newton-daughter John’s released a fresh set of pictures with her mother online. The photographs ranged in time from when Lattanzi was only a little child to more recent times when the couple spent time together.

Lattanzi had a really strong bond with her mother, so I can only imagine how hard this time must be for her. Despite this, her devoted followers never stop exhorting her to maintain her resilience as she continues on her road to recovery.


Newton-John and her now-ex-husband, Matt Lattanzi, who she first met while filming Xanadu in 1980, had their daughter in 1987. Between the years 1984 and 1995, the couple was married.

Newton-John made the conscious decision to put her professional life on wait so that she could focus on being a good mother to her kid. Since that time, the relationship between the mother and daughter has been quite close.

There is usually an air of mystery around the upbringing of a famous person. However, when questioned about how it made her feel, Lattanzi never acknowledged her mother’s reputation as a celebrity. In Lattanzi’s eyes, her mother was just a mother who got her up every morning and took her to school.

But very quickly, Lattanzi began to learn about her mother’s past and how she lived her life. In the movie “Christmas Romance,” which was released in 1994, Lattanzi portrayed the role of the daughter of the character that her mother had played.

Lattanzi and her mother had the opportunity to work together for the first time, and Newton-John said that the experience provided her daughter with an understanding of how difficult the job of a performer can be.

However, Newton-John began to see her daughter’s potential as a star almost immediately when it began to emerge. She said that Lattanzi would put on performances and sing songs exactly as they were broadcast on the radio.

The mother-daughter combination then appeared in another film together when Lattanzi was thirteen years old, and during that film, Lattanzi was required to perform the renowned song “At Last” by Etta James.

However, Newton said that her daughter’s performance was so strong that she understood Lattanzi was also an all-around performer. The song packed a lot of emotions and high notes, but Newton claimed she discovered this after Lattanzi’s performance.

In point of fact, Lattanzi did follow in her mother’s footsteps, and the two of them soon began working together on musical projects. In 2016, at the age of 36, the artist launched her album titled “No Pain,” and that same year, she collaborated with her mother and DJ Dave Audé on the production of the electronic dance song “You Have to Believe.”

A record was set when Newton-John and Lattanzi became the first mother-daughter duet to have a song reach number one on the Billboard charts. Lattanzi and Newton-John shattered the record.

Just one year before Newton-John passed away, Lattanzi once again worked with her mother on a project. In addition, they achieved number one on the Billboard charts with their song “Window on the Wall.” Newton-John said that there is “always something special about singing with my daughter” and expressed his satisfaction with this accomplishment.

Even though Lattanzi was aware that she was Newton-daughter, John’s the fact that her mother decided to work with her made the experience seem extra meaningful to the singer. Lattanzi claimed that she was honored to work with her mother.

Newton-John and Lattanzi are close not just because they are talented in the same areas, but also because they have been through challenging times together.

Despite the fact that Lattanzi’s mother was diagnosed with an eating problem, Lattanzi herself battled with an eating disorder. In an interview with People, both Lattanzi and her mother discussed their difficult journeys with eating disorders.

Lattanzi said that she had first been in denial about her illness; however, her mother was there to assist her in coming to terms with the fact that she was having difficulty.

Lattanzi acknowledged that it was still difficult but that with her mother’s support, she was able to get through this life-threatening disease. It required each day to make better dietary choices, and Lattanzi said that it took each day.

Newton-John and Lattanzi were inseparable throughout their days together and were considered to be each other’s closest friend. Throughout their time together, they have been each other’s rock.

The death of a parent is never an easy experience, but Lattanzi has the support of a large number of admirers who are hopeful that the singer can locate a healthy method to cope with the death of her mother.

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