There are certain songs that will forever be considered to be among the all-time greats in the industry.

One of them is unquestionable “Seven Spanish Angels,” which was written by none other than the legendary duo of Willie Nelson and Ray Charles.

And despite the fact that the song was first made available for purchase all the way back in November 1984, real masterpieces are never forgotten.

On streaming platforms and on YouTube, where it has now gathered more than 72 million views, the song continues to enjoy a high level of popularity.

It should come as no surprise that the song shot straight to the top of the music charts back in its heyday, where it remained virtually undethroned for a number of months after its initial ascension to the top spot.

First, the song was made accessible on the album Friendship by Ray Charles. Then, the following year, Willie Nelson included the song on a compilation album of his songs titled Half Nelson. The record was released in the United Kingdom.

People will always associate the song with Willie Nelson, despite the fact that it has been Ray Charles’s most commercially successful single throughout his long and illustrious career.

There is no doubt that Nelson’s musical reputation precedes him; the song, both in terms of its composition and its performance, is utterly gorgeous.

It should come as no surprise that this song spent a considerable amount of time at the top of the charts or that it is now enjoying a revival on YouTube.

Hearing these beautiful tunes for the very first time must be a fantastic experience for all of the younger listeners who aren’t really acquainted with the repertoire that Nelson or Charles have to offer.

This video is definitely something you should check out since it features Willie’s clear and natural voice, as well as a really distinctive timbre and great lyrics.

They made a special note of the great songs with a Tejano flavor, such as the tune “El Paso.” The sad and rather heartbreaking story of a cowboy bandit who fell in love and is now on the run from dangerous, armed men is told in Seven Spanish Angels.

They were given the directive to transport the lawbreaker back to Texas.

The guys in the song, the outlaw, and the outlaw’s lover all ended up getting themselves tangled up in the end, and the outlaw’s sweetheart was caught in the middle of everything.

In the midst of the conflict, the two lovers showed their affection for one another by locking arms. They did this because they were certain that God would protect them from harm.

The bandit, though, is really struck by a couple of shots, which brings us to the most terrible portion of the narrative. In a very short amount of time after that, the outlaw’s sweetheart also passed away.

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