Up until very recently, Kate Middleton was usually seen wearing her engagement ring and never went anywhere without it. The fact that the duchess did not wear her engagement ring when she represented her country at the Commonwealth Games has prompted many inquiries from royal watchers. It has come to light that Meghan Markle should have been the rightful owner of the gem from the beginning.

The marriage of Kate Middleton and Prince William is often seen as the model for a happy and fulfilling partnership. In spite of the fact that their personal lives are often brought into the public eye, they have repeatedly shown that they are empathetic not just toward one another but also toward their three children.

After exchanging vows in front of an estimated one billion people across the globe at a ceremony in April 2011, the couple has been married ever since. Since that time, the Duchess of Cambridge has been seen wearing a variety of breathtaking pieces of jewelry.

The three rings that she wears on her ring fingers stand out as the most noticeable parts of her jewelry. One of the items is an engagement ring that was presented to her by William when he proposed to her on the slopes of Mt. Kenya in October of 2010 when they were on their trip across Africa.

The ring has a total value of £300,000 and has a diamond and sapphire in the center. The item was designed by Garrard & Co., which had previously served as the jeweler for the British Crown. It is comprised of a 12-carat oval sapphire that is mounted in 18k white gold and is surrounded by 14 diamonds that are set as solitaires.

In spite of its exorbitant price tag, the ring’s worth is mostly emotional since it was formerly owned by Princess Diana, William’s mother, and has been in the royal family for decades.

The second ring that Middleton wears is a wedding band that Prince William presented to her on the day of their wedding in 2011. Following William’s engagement, the Queen presented the ring to him as a gift.

A jeweler named Wartski from London worked his magic on a specific nugget of Welsh gold to create this piece. The ring’s worth exceeds £2,000 due to the combination of its weight and the amount of gold that was used in its construction.

Years later, she added another stone to the ones she had been wearing on her fingers. The third piece of jewelry that Kate Middleton has is an eternity ring that Prince William gave to her following the birth of their first child, Prince George, in 2013.

The jewelry experts at Joshua James jewelers in England noted that key milestones in a relationship are utilized to record the passage of time by wearing an eternity ring. In their particular circumstance, Prince William presented Middleton with the ring shortly after the birth of their first child, Prince George, as a way of commemorating the new milestones that they were experiencing as parents.

The band is made of white gold that has an 18-karat rating and is set with a total of 0.23 carats worth of white diamonds. Annoushka, a designer based in London, is responsible for creating this band that retails for £1,200.

It’s possible that Middleton is only adhering to a quaint custom when she decides to put on all of her rings. However, the sequence in which she puts them on is quite important and carries a lot of weight. She always puts on her wedding band first as a symbol that it is the ring that is most important to her. After than comes the ring for the engagement, and the last piece is the eternity ring.

Middleton has not been seen in public without all three of her engagement rings since the Cambridges had their first child in 2013. Therefore, her followers were taken aback when she was seen without her famous jewels.

The duchess went outside to visit the current Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, where she sat with her husband and children to watch the gymnastics, swimming, and hockey competitions.

She accessorized her sharp appearance with diamond earrings and a pendant designed by Mappin & Webb, which she wore with a white trouser suit and simple shoes. However, a significant number of loyal followers were unable to ignore the fact that the ensemble was without an essential component.

She was missing both her eternity band and her engagement ring, which was a sapphire. On her ring finger, the only ring she wore was her yellow gold and Welsh wedding band.

The fact that she was not wearing the sapphire ring sparked the attention and curiosity of a great number of people, some of whom asked why she was not sporting it. When she took part in a sailing event in Plymouth on Sunday, July 31, some people suspected that she had removed it beforehand.

Others thought that the duchess had misplaced it or that it had been destroyed while she was attending the ceremony. Others, on the other hand, were not quite as dubious and believed that she had just forgotten to put it on. On Twitter, a fan using the handle @CharleyLucy2 voiced her perplexity over the situation, writing:

“Had she forgotten to put it away after she finished cleaning the dishes?”

This new information has caused some people to raise their eyebrows, particularly when it comes less than a month after Middleton and William were seen displaying public displays of love at a charity polo match in Windsor on July 6.

It is not typical for members of the royal family to show public displays of affection or behave in a romantic manner. After her husband’s team won the fundraiser polo event, Middleton did not hesitate to place a celebratory kiss on her husband’s cheek. She was clearly very proud of him. The two also gave each other a hug before leaving the field with their hands wrapped around the backs of the other person.

Even though there are suspicions being raised about the sapphire ring that was last seen on Middleton’s finger, it looks that the jewelry never belonged to Middleton in the first place. The bauble ought to be in the possession of Meghan Markle, who is now married to Prince Harry.

In 2017, Paul Burrell, who had previously worked as a servant in the royal household, said that it had been placed on Middleton’s finger as a result of a kind gesture made by Harry.

He let out that both Harry and William had selected items from their mother’s collection to add to their own. And although William decided to go with a watch by Cartier, the younger brother went with the mother’s sapphire ring, which was the only item he had received from her.

Following the announcement that he intended to propose to Middleton, Harry did something altruistic and gave the stone to William as a present. Once William was crowned king, he reasoned that it would take its place on the throne, saying:

“Wouldn’t it be appropriate for her to wear the ring that belonged to Mummy? Then, at some point in the future, that ring will be placed on the English throne.”

“The one thing that he did not give to his brother that he had inherited from their mother. That exemplifies Diana in the best possible way: selflessly and generously.” Burrell continued. It’s possible that Harry would have proposed to Markle with the ring if he hadn’t given it to William in the first place.

Despite this, the former actress did not miss out as Harry proposed to her with a bespoke diamond ring with an approximate value of 265,000 pounds. Because the center stone of the ring came from Botswana and the other two stones were from Diana’s collection, Harry still considers the ring to be of great emotional worth.

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