Donny Osmond, a former child star, did not have a typical upbringing because of his celebrity status as a youngster. However, when he had children, he made it a priority to guarantee that their lives would be different from his own, and he hasn’t looked back since then.

Donny Osmond, a child prodigy who later wrote an autobiography titled “Life Is Just What You Make It,” pondered on the fact that he did not have a “normal” upbringing in the book.

He said that he only spent a few years at school, but that his time there had a lasting impression on him. According to Donny, the time spent in school did not amount to more than a few months total.

The singer said that he has always been a mischievous person and that, if he had been brought up in a typical household, he and some of his childhood pals would have participated in several foolish pranks:

“I’ve always had a mischievous streak, and had I had a normal upbringing, it would probably have found outlets in all sorts of classic male pranks,” he said. “I’ve always been a bit of a prankster.”

When young Donny looked back, he realized that he had missed out on many of the activities that were a normal part of his youth because he was so busy performing with his brothers in a band known as the Osmonds on national television.

Donny was having great success in his pursuit of a career in music; he and his siblings were building a name for themselves in the entertainment business, racking up a number of number one singles and winning gold:

“My brothers and I continued to put out hit albums and toured the globe, performing in front of sold-out crowds at stadiums and first-class venues. We were able to collect tangible wealth thanks to our performances for a royal family.”

Almost immediately, Donny rose to prominence as a teen idol, and by the time he was 19 years old, he had already met the actress Debbie Glenn, who would later take the surname Osmond after marrying Donny.

Even though Debbie gave the impression of being difficult to get to know at first, the pair fell in love at first sight. Donny reportedly said in an interview with Utah Valley Magazine that he wanted to “arrange something spectacular” for the first kiss they had in 1976.

The famous actor from Hollywood asked her out on a date and arranged for a limo to pick her up at her home. The smitten couple made their way to Sundance for supper.

However, despite the fact that they were over heels in love with each other, there was one person who stood in the way of their potential romantic relationship: Donny’s father, George Osmond. The actor’s revelation that his father disapproved of his connection with Debbie due to the actor’s father’s concern that the relationship would damage the actor’s career:

“Even though everyone in the world recognized me as a teen idol and the Osmonds were at the height of their stardom, I started dating Debbie Glenn behind her back. At the age of 19, I realized I was falling in love and that I needed to take steps to improve my life. My father’s reaction when I informed him was, “Well, that’s it for your profession, but on the bright side, this is the beginning of your personal life.”

Donny said that he did not have any regrets about his decision to marry Debbie, despite the fact that George was in some way correct regarding his son’s professional prospects after the couple tied the knot:

“Being in the company of Debbie is a wonderful experience. If I hadn’t married her, my life would be a complete disaster right now. Now I had someone who could really understand me, and we had the potential to create a wonderful future together.”

The contented pair tied the knot in 1978, and to this day, despite George’s lack of approval of their love, they have been married for the full 44 years.

Donny and Debbie were blessed with five sons: Donald Jr., Christopher, Brandon, Jeremy, and Joshua, all of whom were born throughout the course of their happy marriage.

Donny said in his autobiography that he did all in his power to raise his children in a “normal” environment. He placed a higher value on his family than on his career or wealth. The attentive parent and his wife came to an agreement that it would be best for their children to go back to his hometown in Utah, where they had reared them away from the public eye.

For a number of years, the couple did not welcome camera equipment inside their private abode. In September 2019, Donny posted a picture of his family on Instagram along with a lengthy message expressing his love for his family. The statement read as follows: “You are looking at my family. They are really important to me. My friendship with them is more important to me than any prize money could buy, whether a gold record, an award, a trophy, or accolades.”

When asked about parenting in another post he made on social media in June 2020, the musician known for his hit “Sacred Emotion” said that becoming a father to his boys was a fulfilling experience:

One of my biggest delights in life is being their father, and it is a priceless blessing to witness our kids step into the role of fatherhood with such love, patience, and kindness.

His boys have all grown up and found spouses. Donny once spoke about how it made him feel to see his children start their own families of their own. When his youngest kid Joshua married his long-time fiancée Summer in June 2020, the ecstatic father said to Closer Weekly that he and Debbie had always wished to see their children getting married:

“Debbie and I have been looking forward to the day when all five of our boys are settled down with their significant others. The arrival of summer marks the completion of a remarkable adventure that began with the birth of our children and ended with them standing proudly, successfully, and happily married.”

In addition to that, Donny loves traveling the country with the rest of his family. In July of 2022, he brought them to see a performance called Stadium of Fire, which had been running since the 1980s.

The presenter of the television show uploaded a video from the gathering on Instagram, in which members of his family could be seen having a good time among the attendees. That day’s performance was given by his cherished sister, Marie Osmond.

It was in the month of July in 1979 when Donny and Debbie’s firstborn child, Donald Jr., was born. According to The Spectrum, he is employed in a public relations business.

Donald Trump Jr. is married to a woman named Jessica Nelson Osmond; the couple tied the knot in the year 2010. The pair is parents to four kids together.

In June of 1981, Debbie and Donny had their second child, a boy named Jeremy. In the same vein as his elder brother, he made the decision to forego a career in Hollywood in favor of completing his doctoral studies.

He works as a physical therapist at the moment. Jeremy wed the woman who would become his wife, Melisa Osmond, in 2002, and the couple went on to have three children: a girl named Emery and two boys named Dylan and Ryder.

In January of 1985, Donny and Debbie were blessed with the birth of their third son, Brandon. In contrast to his elder brothers, he appreciates the finer things in life, such as music, singing, and the arts. According to the information that can be found on his website, Brandon is “an advertising, an art director, a photographer, a musician, and a vocalist.”

The person who has a wide range of skills is married to Shelby Osmond, and the couple has four boys together named Benson, Daxton, Peder, and Tayte.

Christopher joined the family of Debbie and Donny for the fourth time in December of 1990. According to his Instagram, he has a lot of personal accomplishments under his belt and is interested in photography.

In November of 2020, Christopher Osmond became a father for the very first time when he and his wife, Alta Osmond, became parents to a girl named Aussie.

In February of 1998, Debbie gave birth to Joshua, the youngest boy that she and Donny had together. Even though he’s still young, he’s already making significant headway in his life.

Joshua made the trip to Rome, Italy, in 2016 in order to fulfill his calling as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Since returning to the United States, he has been quite busy and even married the woman he has been seeing, Summer Felsted.

In the year 2021, his father gushed on Instagram about how proud he was of the young man he had grown out to be and how he felt “glad to be called” his son’s father. Donny continued by saying that he and Debbie have a deep affection for their youngest kid.

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