This is Jeanick Fournier, and you should remember her name since she just astonished everyone watching Canada’s Got Talent as well as the rest of the globe with her performance. Jeanick is 49 years old. She is one self-assured woman who stepped onto the stage and had all four judges standing by the time she was through performing.

The Canadian city of Chicoutimi is where Jeanick hails from.

The woman, who is now a mother of two, started singing in church when she was seven years old. This is something that Jeanick has carried over into her adult life and continues to accomplish. She started singing using a hairbrush as a microphone and quickly became popular. Her own family was her first audience. There are two children named Jeanick who have been identified as having Down syndrome.

As part of her job as a palliative care attendant, she is responsible for providing comfort care and emotional support to patients who are nearing the end of their lives.

Fournier has said that one of her goals, should she emerge victorious, is to provide a better life for her two children.

Her performance during the audition makes it quite clear that Celine Dion is her primary source of motivation. The fact that Jeanick mainly sung casually for her family and in bars is what makes her performance so amazing.

Therefore, it was only appropriate for her to sing a song by Celine Dion titled “I Surrender.”

The fact that she is already 49 years old is really mind blowing. It would have been better if Jeanick had been found at an earlier age.

Observe her now, and be amazed at how well she can sing. The audience is being serenaded by Jeanick before the performance’s climax, during which she strikes, maintains, and astonishes them with an extremely high note.

“Wow,” the judge Lilly Singh said in amazement. “Exactly this is what this program is about,” the host said.

Even further, Kardinal Offishall said that Fournier is “on par” with another French-Canadian recording artist named Dion. The word “amazing” kept coming out of Trish Stratus’ mouth, and she couldn’t help herself.

Howie Mandel continued by saying, “You are an angel.” “There are not very many people on this planet that are like you… it originated in a different universe.”

These are the individuals who have seen and experienced all there is.

And while Jeanick was processing all that had just occurred, the presenter, Lindsay Ell, emerged from behind the curtains to offer Fournier a hug before proceeding to the judges’ table, where she addressed the woman who was a mother to two children.

A viewer who had the opportunity to speak with Jeanick had a tale to tell.

“I had no idea who she was when I spent the day with her since I was a student in a practical nursing program at the time. She was a wonderful singer, and she helped individuals who were on their deathbeds. Her vitality was just remarkable. Now that I see this, I am at a loss for words. She deserves the very best that this planet has to offer.

Fournier is a remarkable and kind lady.

Not bad for someone who used to sing into a hairbrush when they first started out.

As the crowd and the judges stood to celebrate Jeanick, she broke down in delighted tears and became completely submerged in gold. The only thing that stood between her and the life of her dreams was the mesmerizing performance that she gave for us.

It’s not too late at 49. According to the mark she’s already made, Fournier still has a solid decade or two to establish her legacy in the world. And she will be able to give her children something to be proud of.

By Elen

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