Employees from Stray Rescue of St. Louis arrived to assist a dog that was lying lifeless in the backyard of an unfamiliar person.

The people who were trying to save the puppy discovered, after taking a closer look, that she was being protected by a guardian angel in the form of another dog. They did not know the extent of her injuries, so they moved her gingerly into the vehicle while covering her with a blanket. And following that, they shifted their focus to the companion…

The buddy had in fact refused to leave the canine’s side and did not want to let her go alone, which is why she came to the hospital. The information that both dogs had been shot by pellet guns was revealed to them at that location. This is a matched set if there was ever a chance that we would have ever seen one, and Stray Rescue of St.

Louis is going to make certain that they continue to be together in the future! Garden and Peony have each other even if they have nothing else, and that will always be the case!

By Anna

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