Following the eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano on the island of La Palma, which is one of the Canary Islands, Spain, over a month ago, hundreds of people have been compelled to escape for their lives, leaving behind all they own in the process.

Because they had no option but to leave their four-legged friends behind, the situation is even more dire for some of the people who were forced to abandon their homes. On the island, there are around 80,000 people, and close to 6,000 of them have had their dwellings wiped out by the destructive might of nature. Despite this, a significant number of the pets that were abandoned, the most of which were dogs, have been observed trying to find safety on the rooftops of the buildings after being trapped by the lava.

Locals and rescue teams have been attempting to locate these defenseless creatures and find a method to reach them so that they may finally save them. However, since there is an active flow of hot lava in the area, getting close to them would be very risky, whether on the ground or even in the air via a helicopter. As a result, they have been taking care of these unfortunate creatures either as they wait for the volcano to stop erupting or while they try to come up with a more effective rescue strategy. The rescue crews used drones to drop food down for the survivors.

A distressing drone film shows rescue workers delivering food to the same dogs who were abandoned on a rooftop. As the little video demonstrates, the unfortunate puppies consist only of their skeletons and skin at this point. The rescue workers’ best option at the time for helping the stressed animals is to use a drone to feed them, which is a terrible shame.

As long as the volcano continues to be active, it is practically hard for the authorities to provide an accurate estimate of when they will be able to save these animals. Despite this, there are a few smaller animal welfare organizations who are considering using drones in order to help these dogs as well.

UPDATE: According to The Guardian, a “mystery gang” recently used a drone to rescue a bunch of dogs who were stuck on a roof in the region. The pups had been there for some time. The event was also caught on video at the same time.

Jaime Pereira, the chief executive of Aerocamaras, was quoted as saying to the local media that “we’ve seen it [the video] and we’ve certified that it’s authentic.” The most important thing is that, in some fashion or another, the strays have been let out.

Watch the moment here…

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