Mary O’Neill, who is 99 years old, and Benjamin Olson, who is just two years old, are such close friends that not even an annoying illness that halted the world could come between them. Also, they are not misspellings or mistakes. Olson is just 2 years old, while O’Neill is 99. Mary is the neighbor of Benjamin and his younger brother Noah, who both reside in the same house. The fact that the Minneapolis neighbors had to spend so much time cooped up indoors led to the development of a new friendship between the two groups over the course of the year.

A chain link fence was the only thing that stood between them.

Benjamin Olson’s mother, Sarah Olson, has said on several occasions that Mary is her son’s first and closest friend. In all honesty, it is one of the sweetest examples of friendship that we have seen in a considerable amount of time. Prepare yourself with some Kleenex. For more than a year, he had no contact with other children. Nobody else but our family and Mary was in his circle of acquaintances.

They ended up developing an exceptionally close relationship with one another.”

Mary has been widowed for the last 37 years. She began by doing what any good neighbor would do and greeted the cute young boy who lived next door by waving hello to him through her window. After that, she got up and started walking outside to greet everyone.

In due time, they became into the closest of companions.

Benjamin and Mary came up with their own game, which they dubbed “cane ball,” and played it together. Mary uses her cane to whack Benjamin’s ball after it is brought to her by Benjamin. These two people, who are separated by 98 years, saw that seemingly little game as something of the utmost importance.

“Benjamin keeps me company.”

“Mary hauled out from her cellar this enormous laundry basket that was stuffed with several large vehicles. I have no clue how she managed to pull it off. But she managed to carry out those vehicles without any issues.

Mary and Benjamin begin their day at around ten in the morning, and throughout the first few hours of the day, they will spend some time together just hanging out and chatting with one another.

It is one of the most adorable scenes that has ever been brought to your attention.

The two may be seen smiling and making bubbles while sitting side by side on Mary’s porch stairs. Benjamin has only just mastered the ability to open and shut the gate on his own, and as a result, he now walks up to her to offer her dirt. In addition to that, she is wholly accepting of them.

It is pretty remarkable to observe a woman who is 99 years old having a conversation with a child. Given their ages, you may expect any one of them to have trouble communicating verbally.

“He is really understanding. “He doesn’t say much, but he definitely understands what you’re talking about,” O’Neill said. “He sure knows what you’re talking about.” “I have a friendly relationship with him, and he has a pleasant relationship with me.”

She is comfortable being by herself. Mary is the proud parent of two children, and she has a total of four grandkids, as well as six great-grandchildren. Mary’s family resides out of state, so she has images of her sons Benjamin and Noah displayed throughout the house.

According to her, they are the equivalent of grandkids in every way. Are you sobbing at this point?

After hearing how much her son meant to Mary, Sarah’s eyes began to well up with tears.

“Mary has a strong sense of self-reliance. She doesn’t exactly lay all her cards on the table. Therefore, when I heard her express that she missed Benjamin on the days when it was either too cold or too wet to go outdoors, I had a lot of strong feelings.

Mary is excited at the prospect of spending time with Benjamin.

O’Neill may have experienced a lot in her life, but the child who lives next door could be her favorite thing she’s seen thus far. And when it comes to Benjamin, his first and best buddy is always waiting for him on the other side of the fence. Beautiful.

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