The night before, many people who were being good Samaritans by watching a local fireworks display observed what seemed to be the silhouette of an animal dart around their vehicle and then hide beneath it. Marilyn Williams, one of the Good Samaritans, said that they first mistook the woman for a fox.

They quickly determined that the animal in front of them was in fact a dog, and they were able to see from the dog’s eyes that she need help. Williams said that “she seemed to be in genuine fear.”

At first, the anxious dog would not crawl out from behind the vehicle where it was hiding. However, the pair persisted, and ultimately the dog ran out and jumped directly into their car via the door on the driver’s side, where it was finally secure.

Williams and her husband took her into their house for the night, where they provided her with food and drink and bandaged a little gash on her face. Williams’s husband was also there at this time. The adorable dog maintained an extraordinary level of composure during the whole ordeal.

Williams described her as having a very calm demeanor and a shy disposition. “She did not bark at any time. She never spoke a single word.

Following a restful night, the couple made a call to the Mitchell Region Animal Sanctuary and brought the calm puppy there with the intention of reuniting her with her owners.

The employees at the shelter were able to positively identify the dog as Fiona almost as soon as they lay eyes on her. Fiona was a senior dog who had gone missing one month previously while her family was on vacation. She was even shown on one of the posters that were affixed to their front door and read “lost.”

Workers validated Fiona’s identification by scanning her for a microchip, after which they informed Fiona’s mother of the positive development. Fiona, who had been as calm at the shelter as she had been while she was really at Williams’ home, perked up for the very first time as soon as her mother entered the room via the front door.

An employee at the sanctuary said that when Fiona heard her, she became quite enthusiastic. “When Fiona heard her, she became all thrilled,”

And when Fiona finally got to see her mother, her tail started wagging so much that it wouldn’t stop.

Although Williams and her household mourn the great dog they got to know earlier that evening, they are relieved that Fiona is presently back home and safe with her family. Although they miss the dog, they are delighted that she is right back where she belongs.

Williams said that “it’s really a very joyful finish to a really unique tale,” referring to the conclusion of the narrative.

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