One of the most popular trends in the world of alternative living right now is tiny dwellings, and there’s a solid reason for this. The homes are much simpler and require much less time and effort to maintain, and they encourage you to value the landscape around you as much as the home you are in. This is in addition to reducing your carbon footprint in terms of the materials that are used and decreasing the amount of energy that is required.

Truly, there is nothing more charming than a house on a smaller scale.

Those who are fortunate enough to have financial means are the only ones who can really profit from these opportunities.

In a stroke of good fortune, these same resources may also be utilized to reach out to others and provide a helping hand, just as Carmen Guidi, the creator of Second Wind Village in Newfield, did.

When he recognized a need, he worked to satisfy it.

And in order to achieve that, he sacrificed some of the space on his own farm.

The guys who are homeless in Ithaca are the beneficiaries of Second Wind Village, which is a group of small dwellings constructed on Guidi’s land.

After participating in many volunteer efforts in Honduras and Haiti, he was struck with the incredible notion.

Guidi admits that he does not know all there is to know about living in a small space, but he feels that if he had the choice, he would prefer to live that way himself.

“I knew nothing about anything having to do with a compact dwelling. As soon as we began putting together these “small dwellings,” I realized that I would prefer to live that way if I were that, and that is why these guys do so well here.

According to Guidi, the essential need of providing the homeless with a roof over their heads is not the only one that is satisfied.

They provide the guys with a degree of dignity that the men are unable to get in any other setting. They nevertheless feel a sense of ownership over the area and take great pleasure in it, despite the fact that they do not own the properties there. The trouble is, even while they want to remain a part of a group, they still want to be able to spend time on their own and have their own place.

In order to engage with Ithaca’s homeless population, Guidi goes to a secluded location known as “The Jungle,” which is located immediately behind some of the city’s most prominent institutions.

He can’t believe how many people are unable to afford the standard of living that most people have, so he offers to provide them with the food and materials they need.

In the end, he offers an invitation to stay at the Second Wind cottages.

Through his housing effort, Guidi has been able to gently assist the homeless in regaining their dignity, which has spurred him to keep continuing.

The scope of his ambitions continues to expand.

He has plans to construct a further nine.

In a different area, the will be constructed to provide housing for homeless women and children.

According to Nels Bohn, Director of the Urban Renewal Agency for the City of Ithaca, Guidi has collaborated with a number of organizations in an effort to assist in making life better for those who are without a house.

It is a blessing that each of Ithaca’s forty emergency shelters is equipped with the resources required to care for the city’s homeless population and assist individuals in regaining their independence.

However, Guidi’s assistance is very much appreciated.

Bohn also underlines the need of providing assistance to homeless people in overcoming more fundamental problems.

“Personally, I’ve found that people come in with a lot of baggage that they need to go through. They worked their way to being homeless, and now they need to work their way out of being homeless.

To our good fortune, the state agencies in Ithaca are quite reliable when it comes to ensuring that there is sufficient financing to treat issues like as substance abuse, mental illness, and family crises.

They do not want anybody to be overlooked because of the system’s inefficiencies.

He is hopeful that one day he will be able to construct other facilities that will assist in moving individuals off the streets and into more secure environments, where they may flourish and begin their lives over.

His altruistic vision has effectively altered people’s lives and motivated a great number of others to follow in his footsteps.

By Elen

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